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Video - Enhance Office 365

Are you using Office 365? Globally, over 56% of organisations use Microsoft Office.

O365 provides the essentials for a business, but it isn’t best practice to solely rely upon it.

Despite the many benefits, there are gaps in Office 365, when it comes to email archiving, including:


  • The compliance challenge – companies need to keep 100% true and indisputable records for email compliance.
  • Anyone can edit emails and “save” it as the original in Outlook. Cryoserver preserves emails and prevents tampering of any kind.


  • Getting value from unstructured email records.
  • Organisations can face an audit at any time. Office 365’s audit and retention are not active by default.
  • Office 365 wasn’t originally designed for eDiscovery, but Cryoserver’s audit trails are purpose-built for this purpose.

Time & Cost

  • Office 365 is slow in retrieving emails, impacting efficiency and productivity. Cryoserver finds historical emails in seconds.
  • Outages unpredictably happen in Office 365. Cryoserver provides business continuity.
  • With Cryoserver, you can overcome Office 365’s native limitations.
  • Cryoserver turns emails into a powerful and searchable repository, simplifying your overall email management.

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