Cryoserver Datasheets

Please find below a portfolio of Cryoserver datasheets introducing the Cryoserver features & benefits and Cryoserver solutions.

Cryoserver Software Datasheet

Maybe you like to be in control of the hardware in your environment. Or, you are virtualising this environment, or have invested in storage you’d like to use for an archive.

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Cryoserver Appliance Datasheet

If you like to keep your business data in house, but have limited tech support, our email archiving appliance is right for you. It’s plug-n-play, with no root access preventing you from deleting data from the command line.

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Cryoserver Cloud Datasheet

Don’t want the hassle of managing an archive on your premises? We’ll mange it for you with Cryoserver Cloud.

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Cryoserver at a Glance Datasheet

Email archiving is all we’ve ever done. It’s made us experts. Our single-minded focus delivers a best-of-breed solution – one that’s uniquely flexible to suit your business.

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Cryoserver Office365 Datasheet

While Microsoft 365 does wonderful things, its email archiving leaves much to be desired. That’s where Cryoserver can help.

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Cryoserver Compliance Datasheet

Every business needs to understand the Data Protection Act. It aims to protect the privacy and protection of all personal data collected for or about citizens in the UK.

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Cryoserver Departmental Datasheet

Our email archiving solution is more than just another type of back up for your IT department. It’s a valuable tool for daily use throughout your organisation.

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Cryoserver Audited Delete Datasheet

Thanks to GDPR, organisations now have to deal much more carefully with the personal identifiable information they hold on their systems.

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