Cryoserver Cloud Email Archiving

Cryoserver offer a cloud based service, managing your email archive in secure data centres. No need to worry about managing an onpremise Cryoserver, Cryoserver manages the environment completely. Served as a pays as you go subscription based service.

Why Cryoserver

Cloud Email Archiving Key Features

Cloud Email archiving is the best solution for customers not wishing to manage an on-premise solution and desiring to subscribe to a cloud service managed by the email archiving vendor. Customers benefit from an evergreen environment, which is fully managed by a dedicated cloud engineering team 24 x7 x 365 days of the year.

If your business is desiring cloud-based email services then the cloud solution is probably more suitable than any other delivery method.


Per live active user per year subscription.

Ultimate scalability

Zero limits on user numbers or storage space

No onsite hardware required

All support included

Office 365 compatible

Enhanced security and functionality

Rapid Search

Users can find emails in seconds

Platform independent

Cryoserver Cloud runs independently from your email infrastructure

Access anywhere

Login to emails from anywhere, on any device


eDiscovery and litigation support

Encrypted archive

Enhancing your email security and data protection


Keep Your Email Secure and Off Site

Cryoserver’s cloud-based email archiving solution provides a reliable back-up plan should you have any issues or experience an unfortunate cyber attack with your Office 365 or on-premise mail server(s). You can expect the same great quality of expertly simple email archiving as an on-premise Cryoserver solution where your emails will be compressed, deduplicated and encrypted for peak efficiency, storage and security, whilst offloading the traditional responsibilities and costs of managing an on-premise environment.

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Why Cloud Email Archiving

Benefits of Cloud Email Archiving

Cryoserver Cloud offers you a pain free way of having an email archive without the hassle of onpremise hardware to manage. No need to organise software updates, as software updates are automically deployed as and when they are required.

  • Provides the perfect enhancement to Office 365
  • No on-site hardware required
  • Versatile storage as businesses develop
  • Licensed per live user, for the most cost-effective model
  • Simple delegated email access to previous emails
  • Provides employees the illusion of a bottomless mailbox
  • No manual install requirements
Cryoserver for Office 365

Cryoserver and Office 365

Cryoserver works seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 to enhance the end-user email experience. Offering the fastest, simplest and most advanced search functionality on the market today, Cryoserver enables the end-user to find any email in seconds, without leaving Outlook. Cryoserver also provides a sophisticated and fast eDiscovery tool for authorised privileged users. eDiscovery searches are closely monitored and audited and can provide evidential weight for legal and HR issues - when your business needs them most.

Where compliance matters, Cryoserver’s tamper-evident archive provides the guarantee that your archive is complete and accurate, removing the risk of end user modifications, whether accidental or malicious. Cryoserver delivers real business benefits and return on investment, making your email service a cost-effective business asset.

  • Enrich Office 365
  • Fast Search Interface
Migrate to Cryoserver

Migrate without the hassle

Looking to migrate from an onpremise Cryoserver environment to Cryoserver Cloud, we can take the hassle out of the migration. Every week we are migrating onpremise customers to Cryoserver Cloud and we are very good at helping customers make the switch without the hassle.

Maybe you are considering a move to cloud email archiving, let the Cryoserver team help with your most important business communication channel.

Cryoserver Cloud is designed to be secure and we speed up your migration process so you are always connected and compliant.

Or maybe you are migrating from onpremise Exchange to Office 365 and wondering whether to migrate all the years’ worth of email data. There is a better way, Cryoserver can import the current years of email data and you migrate only a smaller amount maybe a year or two of email to Office 365. i.e. moving 14TB of email data or 1 or 2TBs; what is easier and quicker ? Cryoserver can help make migrations to cloud platforms without the hassle.

Cryoserver Migration

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  • Free 14-day trial
  • Easy Setup & Migration
  • Excellent Support
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