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Cryoserver Cloud Email Archiving

Cloud email archiving works by hosting and storing copies of your emails in a reliable and secure format that is easy to search through and retrieve email data from. Cloud based solutions work as an insurance policy for your local archives.

Our cloud-based solution involves no hardware overhead and all software and hardware support is included, as is a UK-based mirroring service. Cloud-based SaaS is the most flexible Cryoserver email archiving solution. Our pay-as-you-go price plan caters to multiple users and our product makes it quick and easy to set up new accounts.

Cloud Email Archiving Key Features

Pay-As-You-Go  Per-live-user, per year subscription

Ultimate scalability  Zero limits on user numbers or storage space

No onsite hardware required  All support included

Office 365 compatible  Enhanced security and functionality

Rapid search  Users can find emails in seconds

Platform independent  Part of combined, hybrid email archiving solution

Access anywhere  Login to employee emails from anywhere, on any device

Compliance  eDiscovery and litigation support

Encrypted archive  Improving your email security and data protection

Keep Your Email Secure and Off Site

Cryoserver’s cloud-based email archiving solution provides a reliable back-up plan should you have any issues or experience an unfortunate cyber attack with your Office 365 or on-premise archive.

You can expect the same great quality of expertly simple email archiving as an on-premise Cryoserver solution where your emails will be compressed, deduplicated and encrypted for peak efficiency, storage and security, whilst offloading the traditional responsibilities and costs of managing an on-premise environment. Our stellar support team is also on hand to answer and resolve any issues regarding your archived email swiftly.

Secure Email Solution
Cloud Solution

Benefits of Cloud Email Archiving

With a cloud-based email archiving solution from Cryoserver, you can:

  • Reduce outlay and difficulty with an email archive solution that uses a single cloud platform and admin console
  • Give users access to a rapid search and retrieval tool
  • Reduce costs on additional hardware or software with everything saved in a protected cloud
  • Protect all email data in an encrypted storage that logs every access
  • Give Office 365, GMail and more a powerful and trusted cloud email backup

Cryoserver and Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular and powerful cloud offerings on the market.

Cryoserver cloud email archiving is used in conjunction with Office 365 to supplement the service, improve compliance and enhance the search performance allowing users to stop searching, start finding.

Cryoserver Office 365

Migrate Without the Hassle

Digital transformation and moving to the Cloud can be a complicated project. If you are considering a move to the cloud email archive, let Cryoserver help with your most important business communication channel.

CryoCloud is designed to secure and speed up your migration process so you are always connected and compliant.

Hassle Free Migration