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Poland: Business Email Retention

The rules in Poland are quite simple. Documents/emails need to be kept for periods ranging from five years to permanently.

One change to note, regarding employee records: whereas in the past businesses had to keep them for  50 years, it is now just ten.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. So you must not keep personal identifiable information longer than is absolutely necessary.

Retention Period Document Type/Related Emails
Permanently Financial statements
10 years Payroll details, payslips and other information on which an insured employee’s retirement or invalidity pensions basis is assessed. Keep these from the end of the calendar year in which the person's employment ended.
9 years Agreements
5 years Accounting records/books with supporting documents. (Keep for five years from the start of the year after the financial year which the records relate to.)

Accounting records related to long-term investments, loans, business contracts, and claims under civil, penal, or tax proceedings. (Keep these for five years from the start of the year following the financial year in which the matters to which the records relate were completed, paid, settled, or expired.)

Documentation about your organisation’s accounting methods (Keep for five years after it is no longer valid.)

Accounting records relating to income, fixed assets, intangible assets, and taxes due. (Keep for five years from the end of the calendar year when the tax was due.)

Sources:  armaedfoundation.org  lexology.com


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