Cryoserver v10

A new, even better version of Cryoserver

At Cryoserver, we’re always working to fine-tune our solution for customers and end-users. So we listen to you to find out the features and functions you’d like to see. We then invest part of your subscription fee in R&D to make Cryoserver even better. The latest version, V10, is all about improving your ability to find that needle in the haystack – to retrieve whatever important, valuable email you need more quickly.
Domain Name Filtering

Domain Name Filtering

If you get, say, 800 results in a broad search, you’ll have filters to sort different types of domains – for example, gmail vs hotmail vs There’s a box you can tick to exclude certain results (e.g. all gmail addresses), reducing the results from, for example, 800 to 300.

Domain Name Filtering

Microsoft Teams Archiving

With work going remote, instant messaging systems have become primary communication channels. With Cryoserver, you'll have a single search panel for your email and Teams chats.

Domain Name Filtering

Export Results to PDF with All Attachments

Get a packaged zip of the emails in a PDF combined with the attachments.

Domain Name Filtering

Duplicate Search Results Hidden

If multiple recipients got the same email, your search results will display only the single email with all the addresses delivered to, combined, so you can save time by not seeing duplicate emails.

Domain Name Filtering

Attachment Name in Results

Your search results now include an attachment’s name. This helps you recognise the email you’re looking for.

Domain Name Filtering

Updated Language Files

Including German, French, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Simplified Chinese.

Domain Name Filtering

One Click Restore to a Dedicated Folder

You can now move a very old email from your archive to a folder called “Restored from Cryoserver” in a user’s mailbox.

Domain Name Filtering

Export your Results to PST

If you need to handover a collection of emails to a third-party law firm, this makes it easy.

Domain Name Filtering

Better Integration With Google Workspace

We can import from mailboxes without knowing their password with the Google Service Account Support.

Share Search

Share Search Criteria With Another User

You can now share search criteria across your organisation, saving time and getting to the right results quicker.

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