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Email Archiving – Stop Searching, Start Finding

Cryoserver is available as email archiving software, a hardware appliance, cloud-based SaaS or a combination to match your IT infrastructure. The Cryoserver email archiving solution is exactly the same across all IT architecture.

Cryoserver On Premise

Appliance or software

Flexible, scalable


Competitive pricing

Platform agnostic

Cryoserver Cloud


Ultimate scalability

No hardware costs

Compatible with MS Office 365

Public and private options

Cryoserver MSP


Value-added service


Carrier grade and reliable

Improve customer retention

What is Cryoserver Email Archiving?

A Compliant Database

 Email compliance was the origin of Cryoserver, and remains central to the product today, capturing and storing every message sent or received by your mail server in a separate, secure database.

Anything archived in Cryoserver is tamper-evident, meaning it can proven that emails from the archive are original, and haven’t been doctored in any way. Emails from the Cryoserver email archiving solution are even admissible as evidence in court!

A Productivity Tool

Why put something somewhere you’ll never find it again? Cryoserver email archiving software includes a lightning-fast email search function, so that anything stored in the archive can be found in seconds.

This saves the time wasted searching for lost email, and reduces calls to the IT helpdesk dramatically.

A Storage Solution

According to 2017 statistics, the average email user now sends and receives an average of 5.5MB of email per day. That’s 5.5MB more storage taken up on your mail server per user, per day.

Email archiving takes the pressure off of your mail server by efficiently storing all mail and attachments on a separate server. No more premium storage costs, no more unnecessary maintenance – some customers have even reduced storage by up to 75%.

Supported by Experts

At Cryoserver, our complete focus is email archiving. We have a dedicated, available support team whose knowledge of our solutions knows no bounds.

Our customers frequently mention that the quality of support they receive from our engineers is unparalleled by their other technologies or other email archiving software providers.

These features and benefits are part of all Cryoserver email archiving solutions, no matter how they are delivered