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Cryoserver offers businesses the most comprehensive email archiving solutions with incredible performance, functionality and simplicity to meet individual needs. With enterprise data now harder to manage than ever before, it’s vital to have a modern archive strategy in place for your business.

Cryoserver is available as email archiving software, a hardware appliance, cloud-based SaaS or as a hybrid solution to match your IT infrastructure. The Cryoserver email archiving solution is exactly the same across all IT architecture.
Meet Cryoserver

Email Archiving with Cryoserver.

Cryoserver is an email archiving solution storing a copy of your email in the email archive, and turns that data into a useful repository for every day use. You can be safe in the knowledge that any business-critical information sent or received using email or IM is stored securely in Cryoserver, where it is instantly retrievable. Delivered either as an onpremise or as a cloud solution. Look at the following video for a quick introduction.

Why Cryoserver?

What Cryoserver can do.

Archiving is more than just email backup. With 293 billion emails sent every day, it’s vital that information is monitored, stored and secured in one place. Cryoserver places all email data sent to and from your business, even deleted ones, into a secure tamper-evident archive with fast search capabilities that is compliant with regulations including GDPR.

  • Appliance or software
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Plug-and-play
  • Full data control
  • Integrate with mail servers
  • Pay as you go
  • No onsite hardware required
  • Office 365 compatible
  • Rapid search
  • Access anywhere
  • Evergreen environment
Cryoserver MSP
  • SaaS
  • Value-added service
  • Whitelabel
  • Carrier grade
  • Increase customer retention
Meet Cryoserver

Advantages of Cryoserver

Whether you start with an onpremise deployment and wish to switch to a cloud platform at a future date and vice versa, the Cryoserver Advantage gives you the flexibility to switch from one to the other. The same software and same functionality delivered in the way you want to consume email archiving.

  • Fully compliant with industry regulations
  • Protection against loss of data
  • Simple backup and restore
  • Removal of unreliable PST files
  • Becomes a vital part of your disaster recovery plan
  • Fast search tool for emails and attachments
  • Mail servers workload reduced
  • GDPR compliant
Why Cryoserver?

Cryoserver for Business

Cryoserver is primarily adopted for businesses wishing to preserve the organisations emails in a central and secure repository. The solution can store an identical copy of every email sent or received by your users, in real-time, and turns that data into a useful repository for everyday use. You can be safe in the knowledge that any business-critical information sent or received using email or IM is stored securely in Cryoserver, where it is instantly retrievable.

Compliant Database

Email compliance was the origin of Cryoserver, and remains central to the product today, capturing and storing every message sent or received by your mail server in a separate, secure database. Cryoserver remains compliant with GDPR and industry regulations in relation to data retention.

Productivity Tool

While it’s okay to keep emails in user inboxes, the search functions in services Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail cannot handle sophisticated searches. Faster eDiscovery stops time being wasted searching for lost email, and reduces calls to the IT helpdesk dramatically.

Storage Solution

Email archiving takes the pressure off of your mail server by efficiently storing all mail and attachments on a separate server. No more premium storage costs, no more unnecessary maintenance – some customers have even reduced storage by up to 75%.

Supported by Experts

Our customers frequently mention that the quality of support they receive from our engineers is unparalleled by their other technologies or other email archiving software providers.


Excellent Support

Cryoserver customers rave about the support desk. Customers and partners state we are the best vendor for response and providing knowledgeable support. Most of the support personnel have been on the support desk for at least 10 years. You might subscribe to our solution, but you also subscribe to a team of experts who understand email.

  • Questions answered fast
  • Knowledgeable Support
Cryoserver Support Image
What they say

Customers trust us

Our customers range from government departments, to blue-chip, household names, charities, and education institutions; from financial companies to legal firms; from NHS Trusts to the healthcare sector, manufacturers and SMBs. All use our solution on a daily basis. Many use it for eDiscovery, enabling HR, legal and compliance departments to identify and understand the full picture of the eDiscovery request within seconds / minutes.

Check out some of our amazing customer stories and how Cryoserver has helped save the day for their organisations:

‘Best new technology I have ever implemented’
— IT Director
Cryoserver works brilliantly for our needs and at the moment I wouldn’t change a thing
Support is second to none, great response times & no issues
— Exchange Administrator
Something that you do best is the knowledge of the environment around your product. Most vendors know about their product but don’t know how to handle the environment.
— Project Manager
Knowledgeable Staff and quick resolution times
— Senior Support Technician
Very prompt and detailed responses. Superior to other vendors.
— Group IT Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Cryoserver?

Cryoserver’s complete focus on email archiving provides you with a uniquely flexible solution that saves time on eDiscovery, gives compliance officers peace of mind and makes the help desk’s life easier.

Can email be kept after an employee has left the company?

Yes; business communications belong to the company, not the employee. In the same way that business letters written by the ex-employee in the course of his/her duties are obviously not deleted when the person leaves, the same applies to email. Vicarious liability means that the company can face litigation resulting from something an employee has written in an email, therefore the company should preserve such writings – often for a period of seven years to protect the company against most litigation actions.

How do you prove an email’s integrity?

Cryoserver is configured to ensure that each and every email sent or received by a company (including internal email) is captured. As each message arrives at Cryoserver a digital fingerprint of the entire message is taken which is recorded with the message in an encrypted and compressed format. If a message is retrieved from Cryoserver its digital fingerprint is recalculated (after it has been uncompressed and decrypted) and this is compared with the digital fingerprint recorded when the message was received. It is therefore possible to prove the content of a message has not been tampered with in any way since it was received.

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