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Cryoserver protects your emails in a secure, tamper-evident environment. Available as either an on-premise solution or a cloud-based service, it’s easy to use, with an intuitive search interface.

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Meet Cryoserver

Email Archiving. Solved.

Cryoserver is an email archiving solution storing a copy of your email in the email archive, and turns that data into a useful repository for every day use. You can be safe in the knowledge that any business-critical information sent or received using email or IM is stored securely in Cryoserver, where it is instantly retrievable. Delivered either as an onpremise or as a cloud solution. Look at the following video for a quick introduction.

  • Secure Archive
  • On-Premise or Cloud
  • Emails & IM

Secure Storage.

Cryoserver stores securely the emails in the archive, in an encrypted repository, compressing and de-duplicating the data on the way into the storage. Typically we achieve between 30 - 40% reduction in storage consumed. The archive data can be moved through different storage tiers, including support for S3, so that you can reduce the ownership costs for preserving the emails over long periods. Contact us for more information.

  • 30%~ reduction in Storage.
  • S3 Support
Cryoserver Email Storage

Lightning Fast Archive

Tested for scalability, Cryoserver can process and archive 200 emails per second – and still deliver results within a second or two. Most search queries are completed in milliseconds, enabling you to recover emails almost instantly. Put simply, Cryoserver is a valuable tool that boosts your day-to-day productivity and business efficiency.

  • Scale Tested
  • Millisecond Search Results
Average search query time. Searching over 5 years of data.
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European Union Compliance

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Security Exchange Commission

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Financial Conduct Authority

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European Union Compliance

Also, FCA, FINRA to Data Privacy Legislations including DPA to Human Rights.

Built for Compliance.

Whether you need to comply with a regulatory body, or need to comply with local legislation, or a need to become compliant with EU GDPR or Data Privacy requirements, you can be rest assured, Cryoserver will help you comply with these requirements. Cryoserver is adopted by thousands of organisations to help them meet the increasing regulatory needs being imposed on them.

  • Financial Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant
What they say

Customers trust us

Our customers range from government departments to blue-chips, household names, charities, and education institutions; from financial companies to legal firms; from NHS Trusts to the healthcare sector, manufacturers and SMBs. All use our solution on a daily basis. Many use it for eDiscovery, enabling HR, legal and compliance departments to identify and understand the full picture of the eDiscovery request within seconds or minutes.

Check out some of our amazing customer stories and how Cryoserver has helped save the day for their organisations:

Cryoserver is like a comfort blanket, it gives us reassurance of authenticity in every detail of company communication inside and out.
— IT Director
‘Best new technology I have ever implemented’
— IT Director
Cryoserver works brilliantly for our needs and at the moment I wouldn’t change a thing
Support is second to none, great response times & no issues
— Exchange Administrator
Finding data that would have taken all day to retrieve before now only takes minutes with Cryoserver.
— Project Manager
In terms of searching, Cryoserver has saved hours of people’s time.
— Senior Support Technician
Very prompt and detailed responses. Superior to other vendors.
— Group IT Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are companies allowed to keep email?

The company should carry out a risk analysis and decide an appropriate retention period. Seven years is often selected, as contract disputes are time-expired after this time. If contracts are being made or altered via email, then email should be kept until the liability expires. Longer retention periods are needed for those regulated industries mandated to keep records for longer periods. Pension advice given via email should, for example, be retained for up to 100 years. It is perfectly acceptable for an organisation to keep all its email for the longest mandated retention period even if ALL email doesn’t need to be preserved for that length of time.

Can you capture instant messaging?

Cryoserver can archive instant messages (Teams, Slack...) from a variety of different sources and preserve the IM's in a separate repository to the email, giving you a single pane of glass for searching both.

Can companies keep and read private email?

Yes, because private email sent to a company’s email domain (user@clientdomain.com) belongs to the company and not the individual at that company email address. Norton Rose and many others demonstrate the risk any company faces from ‘private’ email therefore the company has a right to mitigate that risk by preserving, making searchable, and retrieving and reading any and all email entering or leaving its email domain.

How do you prove an email’s integrity?

Cryoserver is configured to ensure that each and every email sent or received by a company (including internal email) is captured. As each message arrives at Cryoserver a digital fingerprint of the entire message is taken which is recorded with the message in an encrypted and compressed format. If a message is retrieved from Cryoserver its digital fingerprint is recalculated (after it has been uncompressed and decrypted) and this is compared with the digital fingerprint recorded when the message was received. It is therefore possible to prove the content of a message has not been tampered with in any way since it was received.

How do you get old email into Cryoserver?

Legacy mail can be loaded into Cryoserver. Cryoserver have developed various tools to assist with this process depending on the originating source of the email. These tools de-duplify and compress emails meaning that often the space taken up in Cryoserver is a lot smaller than the original source of the messages.

What makes Cryoserver different to other archiving products?

Whilst both Cryoserver and other archiving products address email storage concerns, Cryoserver has the added benefit of addressing both compliance and regulatory issues. This coupled with an easy to use intuitive search interface and flexible delivery options mean Cryoserver is an excellent email archiving solution.

Are companies allowed to keep everything?

Yes, as long as there is a business justification and you can demonstrate you have carried out a formal process to decide what to keep and how long to keep it for.

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  • Free 14-day trial
  • Easy Setup & Migration
  • Excellent Support
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