Microsoft Teams Archiving

In today's hybrid work environment, Microsoft Teams stands out as the premier business communication platform. Beyond just chats and video calls, it's a goldmine of crucial data, agreements, and essential interactions. Whether you're in the financial sector, where retaining communications is a legal must, or any other industry, Cryoserver's Teams Archiving ensures you never miss out on vital details. Embrace the best in business practice; keep every conversation at your fingertips.

Why Archive Microsoft Teams?

The Need to Archive Microsoft Teams

In today's digital age, Microsoft Teams has become a central hub for business communications, with countless messages exchanged daily. These aren't just casual chats; they often contain sensitive, business-critical information, from strategic plans to financial figures. The sheer volume and importance of this data make it imperative to have a robust archiving solution. Not only does archiving protect your business intelligence, but it also ensures compliance, fosters accountability, and safeguards against potential data losses.

Protect Sensitive Data

Safeguard confidential information and business intelligence shared daily.

Compliance & Legal Safety

Stay compliant with industry regulations by retaining essential communication records.

Reference & Accountability

Ensure a reliable point of reference for all communications, promoting transparency and accountability.

Microsoft Teams with Cryoserver

Archiving Microsoft Teams with Cryoserver

Cryoserver seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Teams user interface, offering a robust solution for archiving. With a focus on user-friendliness, you can easily search for specific interactions using key phrases, time frames, and participant names. Not only does it capture conversations in their entirety, but it also includes screenshots and attachments, ensuring a comprehensive archive of your Teams interactions.

Enhanced Unified Search Capabilities

Quickly find interactions using Include/Exclude keywords, time frames, and participant names.

Comprehensive Archiving

Archive messages such as text, GIFs, Images and screenshots, while preserving the context and including all related attachments.

Advanced Filters

Refine your search results with filters conversations, ensuring you find exactly what you're looking for.


Benefits of Archiving Microsoft Teams

Cryoserver provides a tailored archiving solution for Microsoft Teams, streamlining searches for HR and compliance needs. It has the ability to efficiently detect inappropriate content and offers automated notifications. For educational institutions, it excels in preserving coursework, attendance, and tutor interactions. With Cryoserver, Teams communications are securely archived and readily accessible.

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