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Below are videos on how to use the Cryoserver Email archiving solution. You can share these videos as hints and tips to your users so they can get the most from the solution.

Video - Migrations with Cryoserver

It always comes down to ‘why?’ for everything. Why is it important and why does it concern me? Every company creates and holds valuable #data, 60% of that critical data is in #email and email only.

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Video - Enhance Office 365

Are you using Office 365? Globally, over 56% of organisations use Microsoft Office. O365 provides the essentials for a business, but it isn’t best practice to solely rely upon it. Despite the many benefits, there are gaps in Office 365, when it comes to email archiving, including: Compliance The

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Video - Save Time & Money with Cryoserver

An average mailbox grows at least 1.4GB per year. That’s 293 billion emails sent each day. What are the methods of keeping up with that growth? Buy more storage? Not economical.Delete older emails? Not compliant.Cryoserver solves growing email volume by compressing and de-duplicating every email, saving

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Video - Compliance with Cryoserver

According to The Economist, “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” 60% of a company’s business-critical data is in emails. Whichever industry you’re in, you have to be compliant. In order to be email compliant, a company must: Retain and demonstrate 100% true

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Video - The Case for Cryoserver

Cryoserver email archiving technologies are one of the pioneers of email archiving. With many years’ of experience, investment and development, the Cryoserver delivers highly complex and ultra-secure systems with simplistic and easy-to-use interfaces allowing for expert archiving solutions that all organisations can benefit from. Start viewing our series of videos

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Video – Cryoserver Privileged User Tutorial

Privileged Searching in Cryoserver V9 Tutorial.

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Video – Cryoserver Basic Searching Tutorial

Basic Searching Tutorial for Cryoserver v9

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