Dell EMC SourceOne Alternative

With your current email archiving solution facing end-of-life, better value is just one of many reasons to consider Cryoserver.

Looking to migrate your email archive away from EMC SourceOne to a new solution?
Now is a good time to consider providers who will go beyond just meeting your current archiving demands and offer you a better service, user experience and price as well.
However large your organisation, no matter how many users you have, and whatever your industry, there’s one independent provider that can do all of the above: Cryoserver.
We’ve been focused on delivering a best-of-breed email archiving solution for over 20 years. This is why Cryoserver is now found in many of the world's largest organisations.

The capabilities you need

Businesses are archiving around 2 million emails each day with our solution – about 1 Petabyte of data in some cases.
Cryoserver takes a copy of each and every message and attachment, sent or received, and encrypts and stores it in a secure, independent repository.
Our solution ensures your compliance with all retention and data privacy regulations. Which is why so many financial services organisations choose it.

Find emails quickly

As you’ll see in our customer stories, users of all types appreciate our simple interface and lightning-fast search function. Cryoserver enables them to retrieve archived emails and messages quickly – when searching through five years’ worth of emails, the average query takes only 2.3 seconds. This makes it ideal for both e-discovery and as an everyday search tool.
Dell EMC SourceOne customers have complained about the high cost of their solution. If you share their concern, we think you’ll welcome our competitive pricing.

On-premises and cloud

We can deploy Cryoserver for you as an on-premises solution, housed on a server that you host and manage.
Or, if you prefer a cloud option, we deliver Cryoserver Cloud to multiple regions across the world, with North American, European and UK independent cloud environments. If you’d like to have data sovereignty in a particular region, no problem, we can accommodate you.

Migrating from EMC SourceOne

Customers who’ve come to Cryoserver from legacy solutions like EMC SourceOne are often surprised how easily and quickly we migrate them. They also rate our support team as one of the best things about our solution.
If you’d like to see Cryoserver in action, or talk about migrating to us, book a demo today.

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