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Logicalis Partner Story

Why a global IT services provider chose us for its clients’ email archiving

Logicalis is the largest IT services company in the Channel Islands. They offer a comprehensive range of Information and Communications Technology solutions and services to businesses around the world. Their client base spans every industry sector, with most of their clients being financial services companies.

No range of IT solutions/services would be complete without email archiving, and for the past 10 years, the archiving solution Logicalis has chosen to offer its clients has come from a single provider: Cryoserver.

Daniel Obryk is Senior System Engineer / Technical Lead at Logicalis. We asked him why the company originally chose us, and why it’s stayed with us all these years. He came up with quite a few reasons.

His clients have different requirements and preferences. So, he says, “The amount of options and flexibility made Cryoserver a good choice: filtering; flexibility of infrastructure; the variety of deployment options (cloud and on-prem); different appliances for different environments. And the usability of the archive solution is very good and covers most needs.”

Daniel says these facts make our solution easy to sell to his clients. He adds: “It’s a very stable, solid product. It works on Linux. We have never had any problems with it.

Keeping his clients happy

“Customers are generally happy with the product. They like that they don’t have to go to a separate website. They use it in Outlook. They don’t have to remember any extra passwords. It’s all nicely integrated into a tool that they use every day.”

Daniel says his clients’ end-users find Cryoserver simple and straightforward. “There haven’t been any complaints about it being complicated. [Clients] haven’t had to train anyone to an extensive degree on how to use it. Even for superusers, it was fine.”

Ultimately though, it’s security and compliance that truly matters to Daniel’s clients. Most of his clients are in the heavily regulated financial services sector and, for the past ten years, they’ve trusted us to meet their industry’s regulations. Why? Because we deliver what our company name promises: Forensic & Compliance Systems (FCS).

Support he can count on

As we continued to discuss Cryoserver with Daniel, it became clear that what he, personally, values above the product itself is our Support Desk.

“One of the best parts of Cryoserver is the support. The functionality and the software is great but the Support Desk has some absolutely fantastic people. They are very knowledgeable. Always available to us at nighttime. They push their deadlines to match ours. I’m impressed with the commitment of Cryoserver staff.

“Recently, we had a few migrations where people were moving to cloud environments from our on-prem environments. We had three going on and we forgot about one.”

[Logicalis had agreed to complete it on a Friday, and suddenly their team remembered this the day before.]

“We had one day to sort it all out. We phoned Robin at Cryoserver and he was kind enough to push his meetings and arrange everything with the Cryoserver Cloud team. In 12 hours, we had everything underway.”

“We had one guy from Cryoserver helping us when he was on holiday. You can’t ask for much more than that.”

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