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E-Support Partner Story

Christian Zimmermann is an ICT expert and entrepreneur. In 2003, he founded IT support company e-support, in Bern, Switzerland. Back then, the archiving of emails had only just started to become an issue for businesses (after the Enron scandal and the subsequent passing of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US). As the years passed though, Christian’s clients began to see archiving as a good practice, and regulations made it increasingly necessary. So e-support began offering solutions such as MailStore and GFI.

Most of e-support’s clients’ businesses didn’t have any stringent industry archiving regulations to comply with (Swiss businesses aren’t affected by GDPR). So, as they migrated to Office 365, many were happy to use Microsoft’s platform to archive emails, despite its limitations in this area.

Christian’s challenge

In 2013, e-support gained an engineering/energy client of 200 employees. Office 365 wasn’t enough for them. They didn’t want their data to be tied to Microsoft. On the contrary, they wanted independent archiving that would offer greater security and functionality than Office 365 and the other solutions Christian had provided in the past. One of his associates, Cryoserver’s Swiss distributor, recommended us.

Meeting his client’s needs

Christian tried Cryoserver in his own business and was impressed: “A best of breed product,” he says.  Ever since then, Cryoserver has archived e-support’s own emails, and he was confident we could fulfill all his new client’s demands. We offered:

  • Independence from Microsoft. If the client wanted to move their email to Google in the future, it would be easy
  • A secure, tamper-evident archive
  • A search tool that could find required archived emails in seconds
  • A mobile app employees could use to search for emails on the go

These were the reasons his client chose Cryoserver for their archiving. Then, using tools supplied by us, e-support exported all of the engineering firm‘s archives, which the client had stored as PSTs, to an on-premise Cryoserver solution. Since 2013, we’ve archived all of this firm‘s emails from a live journal feed.

Quick, easy searching

Christian tells us the engineering client’s feedback has been positive. Their staff use our solution constantly to search archived correspondence in all of their projects. They like Cryoserver’s global eDiscovery function, which allows one designated person to search everyone’s emails. This is particularly handy when an employee has left the company and something that person agreed with a customer needs to be clarified.

The client’s staff, and e-support’s people themselves, appreciate the flexible and detailed search options. These turn the equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack into a simple and quick task. Searching with such precision just isn’t possible with Microsoft 365.

We asked Christian what he, as both a user and provider, likes about Cryoserver.

“It’s more than just an archive,” he says. “It’s a solution to optimise my mail flow.”

He can delete non-important emails because he knows they are stored safely in the archive. Cryoserver simplifies his work.

Supporting e-support

As a service provider, he appreciates how we help make things easy for his company. “[With Cryoserver], there is good support.”

Christian’s team only have to concern themselves with the running of the client’s appliance. They don’t have to care about technical details. He particularly appreciates the continuity of support: he’s been dealing with the same people over the past seven years. This means he hasn’t needed to explain things to new people at Cryoserver. About our Support Desk staff, he says, “Their knowledge is very deep and very good. Reaction time is good. The support is quick, reliable and competent whenever requested.”

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