Legacy Email Archive Migration

Everyday organisations are keen to migrate away from their current email archive solution and looking for something better and cheaper. Get a quote from the Cryoserver team today to start your email archive migration to Cryoserver.


Migrating to Cryoserver

At Cryoserver, we make it easy for organisations to switch email archiving solutions. We use automated tools in our migrations, making the transition from one legacy archiving solution to another a pain free process. Cryoserver engineers can either provide guidance (unmanaged migration) or take complete ownership of the email archive migration (managed migrations), saving you wasting endless hours in doing the migration yourself.

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Third-Party Archives

The Problems With Many Third-Party Archives

Legacy enterprise email archiving solutions often use SQL databases as the back-end. These slow down over time because of years and years of backed-up emails. Legacy solutions can become corrupt at any time, meaning you need to re-index archive data frequently – this takes a huge amount of time.

Legacy software or hardware may also become unreliable and provide inconsistent and incomplete search results. This can slow down your organisation’s business processes. If a legacy email archive is no longer being patched, there are security risks involved that leave sensitive information vulnerable to a data breach.

Slow Performance

As the databases grow with many millions of unstructured email data they become slower to search.

Lack of Support

As the archiving market place evolves we are seeing organisations being exposed with the lack of technical support from the vendors.


Many of the email archiving vendors make it difficult or even expensive for organisations to migrate away. Lack of export capabilities requiring 3rd party specialist tools to extract the data out.

Migrating to Cryoserver

Do you use one of the following archiving solutions?

Below is a list of different email archiving vendors we have successfully migrated customers from to Cryoserver. If you have one of these alternative email archiving solutions and you’d like a more effective one, get in touch with the Cryoserver team.

  • Veritas (Symantec) Enterprise Vault
  • Google Apps Vault
  • Autonomy Consolidated Archive (ACA)
  • Autonomy Message Manager
  • Autonomy NearPoint (formerly Mimosa)
  • Autonomy ZANTAZ Digital Safe / EAS
  • Capax Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS)
  • Commvault
  • EMC SourceOne for Exchange & Notes
  • EMC EmailXtender for Exchange & Notes
  • HP RISS/IAP for Exchange & SMTP
  • IXOS-eCONserver (Open Text)
  • Metalogix Archive Manager
  • Dell (formerly Quest) Archive Manager
  • Unify/Daegis Central Archive (formerly AXS-One)
  • Assentor Mailbox Manager (iLumin)
  • Exchange journal mailboxes
  • Barracuda / Sonian
  • Sonasoft SonaVault.
  • OpenText
  • Mimecast
  • Enterprise Vault.cloud
  • Proofpoint
  • Vipre
  • PST, EML, MSG & NSF files
  • ZOVY
If you use one of the above listed archiving solutions, Cryoserver can support you with your email archive migration to a better service.
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Choosing Cryoserver

Cryoserver Archiving Solution

Protect your corporate files that live in your legacy archive and keep the information easily available.

Many clients are opting to migrate their legacy data into a specialist and modern email archiving solution. Cryoserver is a modern tamper-proof email archiving solution, that is compliant with industry regulations (including GDPR) and provides users with an incredibly fast search function for your eDiscovery and day-to-day needs. Cryosever is compatible with Office 365, Google Mail and many more providers and can be used on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both.

With 18+ years of experience in providing a superior email archiving solution to organisations. We’ll rapidly import your legacy archive data into Cryoserver in a seamless transition to ensure the best user experience is retained with continuous access to their email. Our purpose built email archive migration software is ready for your move to the cloud, a new server or to your hybrid solution.

Download the Cryoserver at a Glance Datasheet

The overview sheet is a brief summary of the benefits to all types of Cloud providers in adding a white label email archive to your portfolio.

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