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Email Storage That Never Runs Out

Cryoserver stores every email sent and received by an organisation, and is independent from your mail server. This means that you can safely clear space on your server, knowing that any data you delete is securely backed up and accessible. For an email storage software that is safe and compliant with regulations, Cryoserver is the email storage solution for you.

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Email Volume Issues

A Storage Solution for Growing Email Volumes

Every day, a user’s email account inbox grows 5.5MB a day which equates to 1.4GB per person, every year. This growth in emails being sent is unsustainable for current storage solutions and email servers as organisations struggle with the huge amount of email data clogging up the server. Companies combat this by archiving mail to PST files or simply deleting old emails. With regulations such as GDPR in place, you cannot just delete old emails to free up space to be compliant. With email archiving software from Cryoserver, you can save time, money and hassle.

How Can Cryoserver Help?

Cryoserver’s email archiving solution can solve your huge email volumes by compressing, de-duplicating and encrypting every individual email that anyone within the organisation has ever sent or received. This builds an email backup your business has access to when needed – where even deleted emails can be found. By implementing Cryoserver in your business, your organisation will have access to a searchable email archive that is compliant with the the email retention and disaster recovery standards set in your industry.

Innovative Email Storage and Search

Most systems use a database to store email but Cryoserver stores files by date, making searches quicker for you as more concise datasets are searched. This is important for your business as you never know when information could be requested from an email sent a long time ago, and quick full text search ensures your compliance. The search interface will make full company searches up to 80% quicker. This also allows the solution to scale far behind the requirements of your organisation. Our email storage services can also be implemented alongside Office 365 and other email providers, giving you a bespoke email service.

Innovative Storage Search

"We have over 13 million emails in the system, and searches still only take a few seconds"

– Alaric Turner, IT Manager
Electrical Contractors Association

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