Why use Cryoserver?

You might be looking to maximise your storage space. Or you want to access your emails more easily. Or you need help complying with legislation like EU GDPR. Whatever your reason for considering email archiving, Cryoserver answers your needs effectively.

Save Space.

The average user’s mailbox grows by 5.5MB a day. That’s 1.4GB per person, per year filling up your mail servers. While that may seem small at first, when you multiply it across all users in your organisation, you’ll start to see some alarming figures. Cryoserver addresses huge email volumes by compressing, de-duplicating and encrypting every single email that anyone within the organisation has ever sent or received, so you save money on premium storage and server maintenance.

  • ~30% reduction in storage.
  • S3 support
Cryoserver Email Storage
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European Union Compliance

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Security Exchange Commission

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Financial Conduct Authority

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European Union Compliance

Also, FCA, FINRA to Data Privacy Legislations including DPA to Human Rights.


There’s no shortage of regulation when it comes to communications and storage of data. Whichever industry you are in, chances are that you will have to deal with overlapping legislation about what you can and can’t keep, how you should keep it, and how long you should keep it for. With features like hierarchical access and audit trails built into the core of the product, Cryoserver embodies privacy by design. Legislation like the GDPR has changed attitudes to data storage and retention worldwide, and Cryoserver exists to enable businesses like yours to be proactive in their compliance.

  • Financial Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant

Enhance Office 365

Microsoft/Office 365 offers huge benefits in terms of collaboration and cloud hosting. This is why we’re seeing more and more organisations move to the cloud each year. We ask two questions to organisations considering this SaaS: How will you get your existing data into the cloud? And how will you find it once it’s there?

Cryoserver can migrate your existing email data seamlessly into the cloud, ensuring none of your important legacy information is lost. In addition, our powerful search interface also allows your users to find anything across their entire database in seconds, without having to search through Outlook.

  • Cryoserver makes migrating easier.
  • Compliment Office365
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