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Monaco: Business Email Retention

Compared with other European countries Monaco's retention rules are relatively simple.

Remember that although Monaco is not part of the EU and did not adopt the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Monaco-based organisations that do business with people or organisations in EU countries must comply with the GDPR.

This means not keeping personal identifiable information longer than necessary, and that data subjects have the "right to be forgotten" (erasure of their data).

Retention Period Document Type/Related Emails
10 years Commercial organisations must keep accounting records showing business transactions, debts, amounts paid and received, and inventory for ten years. This includes correspondence related to business matters

Also keep agreements with architects and contractors
5 years Associations/federations of associations must keep their accounting records for 5 years
2 years Agreements relating to professional goods and services

Source: armaedfoundation.org


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