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Why an accountancy firm moved from Mail Store to us for its email archiving

Chandresh Varsani is a longstanding client and friend of our Cryoserver team. He’s worked with our email archiving solution on and off –  and now on again.

We first met him when he was a network administrator at a UK stockbroking firm. The company had used Cryoserver for over 10 years. When Chandresh joined them, we were safeguarding their archive of six million emails, while enabling users to access the emails effortlessly and quickly through Outlook. The company had stayed with us, because, in his words: “Cryoserver was reliable, robust and never missed a single email.”

In 2013 though, after a bigger stockbroker took over his employer, the newly merged firm chose to migrate to another email archiving provider.  While sad to part company with Chandresh, we helped him make his migration easy.

A few years later, he was working as a consultant for a London-based accountancy firm. It had Mail Store on-premise archiving, but he and his client agreed that a cloud-based solution was necessary to store emails for the company’s multinational network of offices. This would keep the business compliant with regulations such as GDPR. The question was, which solution to go for?

Compliant email archiving

Chandresh had enjoyed a good experience with Mimecast in his previous role, but their service was too expensive for the accountancy firm. Fortunately, he’d also been impressed with Cryoserver. He knew it was a reliable solution that did exactly as our company name – Forensic and Compliance Systems – promises. Plus, his accountant clients could see that Cryoserver made financial sense. So, in early 2020, we became their email archiving provider.

Much less expensive

Chandresh says: “I chose Cryoserver mainly because of the price point – much less expensive than Mimecast.”

We asked him how he found his migration to Cryoserver.

“It was easy. Robin [Cryoserver’s MD] introduced us to the support team. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. The same team had been there for a long time; I knew some of them by name. They made it very easy to get on board with the system.”

When we ingested the accountants’ 10 years’ worth of data, the firm had introduced a new email retention policy, whereby they would keep emails for only six years. So we processed the backlog, classifying which data needed to be kept, and then purged the rest.

We asked Chandresh how the company’s employees were getting on with Cryoserver.

Quick and easy to use

With both his earlier stockbroker employer and his current client’s accountancy firm, he found the same thing:  “As soon as the staff learn how to use [Cryoserver], nobody has had to ask for help – it’s very simple to use.”

What helps, he thinks, is our interface - “one of the best features of Cryoserver. [It’s] intuitive and simple. It doesn’t take much explanation. It doesn’t require a massive learning curve to use. It’s quick.”

He and the accountants’ staff also like the speed, granularity and flexibility of our search tool.

“It’s quite granular as to what it allows. It can find similar words, so it can pick up on typos, and it looks for words which sound the same.”

“Our IT team would go around and talk to the staff and ask if they were having any difficulties with all the different software. There were issues with other software, but never with Cryoserver.”

“Its support team is outstanding”

“[Cryoserver has a] very responsive team. Very structured and knowledgeable. Very professional. Its support is UK-based, which is a positive. Cryoserver has never failed us, never let us down in the companies I have used it with.”


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