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Cohesity buys Veritas: should Enterprise Vault customers worry?

Does this acquisition pose a risk to your business? Find out more about what the merger could mean and how you can minimise risk by migrating to the Cryoserver email archiving solution with its many advantages.

If you manage Enterprise Vault (EV) in your organisation, chances are you’ve heard the news. Cohesity is buying the solution’s vendor, Veritas.

You might wonder what will happen to their archiving solution. The merged entity’s combined portfolio will have many products. How important will Enterprise Vault be among them?

Things could get bumpy

The companies’ joint press release says:

“The combined company will continue to invest in and advance the roadmap and strategy of all Cohesity products and services, as well as Veritas NetBackup, NetBackup appliances, and Alta data protection offerings, [ . . .]”

Notice that they don’t mention EV? The release goes on to say the merger will focus on data security and management. Cohesity will keep only the parts of Veritas it wants. The remaining assets “will form a separate company, ‘DataCo.’”

Will whoever ends up with EV continue to support it? Or will they discontinue support and end-of-life the solution? Naturally, users will want answers to these questions – especially if there is a renewal due to continue with EV for the next few years. Instead, you’re faced with a long period of uncertainty and potential turbulence during the merger.

A smoother way ahead

Now is a good time to consider an alternative email archiving solution. Cryoserver is completely focused on email archiving. In addition Cryoserver:

  • Is available in the cloud and on-site.
  • Provides robust, resilient and reliable archiving for email and Microsoft Teams.
  • Offers fast searching, security and flexibility.
  • Has proved itself over the past 20+ years
  • Supports thousands of organisations, large and small, in 40 countries.
  • Archives billions of emails for companies globally.

We’re ready to help you now and can promise you and your business a smoother journey. We’ve no plans to merge with another vendor.

The Enterprise Vault alternative

If you’d like to avoid the uncertainty the Cohesity-Veritas merger brings to your business, take a closer look at Cryoserver – see how it compares with Enterprise Vault.


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