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Silchester Customer Story

Silchester is an equity investment firm operating in one of the most heavily regulated industries. Silchester’s use of Cryoserver began for compliance reasons, and evolved into more than just a great way to meet regulations. The company has seven subsidiaries and has implemented Cryoserver in many of them, where such an email archiving solution could really help.

We spoke to Steve Allen, Director of Silchester.

How does Silchester use Cryoserver?

We originally purchased Cryoserver for email compliance. We’d had an incident where emails had been altered for personal benefit, so we needed a solution that archived emails and guaranteed they had not been altered by a user. Cryoserver provided that solution. We were also attracted to the stubbing and business continuity modes. We’ve not yet had to use the business continuity, thankfully, but all the other features have come in extremely handy. Cryoserver is a well-used tool here. What eventually swayed us to choose Cryoserver in particular was the potential for end users to do a detailed search easily within their Outlook. The fact that the product exists within Outlook is really great.

How do you use Cryoserver?

Personally my usage is different because on occasions I need to trawl over other people’s mailboxes, it’s especially useful if people have said something and then left a company. I’d say it comes in handy three or four times per week for deep archive storage and retrieval.

What’s your favourite thing about Cryoserver?

The storage available with Cryoserver is useful. Our use of the product has changed; it started as a regulatory insurance policy but once we had purchased the product we looked for other ways to use it. We’ve found that the day to day use is more retrieval of messages which have been deleted. We have a retention policy set at just over seven years which works quite well.

Would you recommend Cryoserver?

Absolutely. Cryoserver has always been there for what we need it for and it’s just done it. “A configuration to suit every enterprise, business and organisation“. There is a configuration to suit every enterprise, business and organisation, whether you wish to have an on-premise or a cloud solution.


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