Solving Problems for AHM Financial

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London, UK – Our email archiving software has been a huge help to many businesses with email storage needs, including Missouri-based AHM Financial. Financial institutions have particular challenges with data storage, and our email archiving solution helps to address them.

Cryoserver solved two specific problems for us,” says Michael Smith, IT Manager for AHM. “First, it provides assurance we are compliant with all regulatory requirements for data archiving and e-discovery.”
Financial institutions are bound by specific regulations about which data they have to store and how long they need to keep it.  By installing our email archiver program, AHM knew that the program would automatically keep them in compliance with applicable requirements.

In addition to complying with regulations, AHM also needs to maintain accurate records in case of legal proceedings. Our email archiving appliance supplies a tamper evident system which captures emails while they are sent or received and preserves them in forensic storage.  Once archived, they cannot be tampered with or modified.  All of these capabilities are essential when producing documents for lawsuits.

“Secondly, we are able to ensure our email data is protected using the email replication service,” continues Smith.  “Additionally, our users are discovering the power of the search folder.”

One of the most important features of Cryoserver is that its email archival methods make it easy to perform searches using a variety of search terms including subject, sender, recipient and date.  Clients can acquire our email storage system as a software program, a stand-alone appliance or a hosted email archive in the cloud.
Financial institutions are always subject to the regulation of and investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Smith observes:  “I have gone through an SEC audit with Cryoserver and it performed admirably.”

Founded in 1983, AHM Financial Group’s insurance and investment professionals work with businesses and individuals to understand potential risks, the opportunities ahead and the changes on the horizon.  They offer a wide range of insurance product lines, asset management services and financial advisory services.

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Adding New Telephone Recording Capacity

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London, UK – Our email archiving appliance company, has recently added a feature to our service that allows users to record voice calls on mobile phones, land lines or VOIP. Our new CryoSIM service will be particularly useful for businesses in the UK that will need to comply with new Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations which come into force later in 2011.

CryoSIM will allow businesses to record voice calls and archive them in realtime into the Cryoserver email archiving solution.  The system is simple and effective, requiring only a replacement SIM card for the phone and does not need the installation of software on any devices. The new service will allow staff for companies that are regulated by the FSA to do business whenever and wherever they are – and still comply with regulations. 

Cryoserver’s email archiving software also allows users to find specific emails quickly and easily.  The CryoSIM compliance solution offers the same functionality; users can find any recording in the archive in only a few seconds. Furthermore, users can search through the archiving appliance for voice recordings, emails, and IM conversations in one single search.

CryoSIM offers additional advantages:

•Eliminates personal use and misuse of phone calls at work and on work-owned mobile phones, allowing for reduced costs and increased productivity.

•Captures customer’s orders, commitments, questions, and instructions. If there are any questions about a conversation, you can go back and review it.

•Records any abusive calls to protect front-line staff members who answer the phones.

 ”Offering businesses CryoSIM makes it possible for us to provide the voice recording solution to everyone at the SIM card level. So, no software needs to be installed on the device itself,” says Robin Bingeman of Forensic & Compliance Systems, the manufacturer of the Cryoserver email archiving software.  ”Our customers are seeing huge benefits, notably the simplicity and the cost savings with the voice recording solution. Many customers have stopped using their current landline voice recording devices.  CryoSIM is becoming their de facto recording solution since it is more cost effective and resilient.”

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