EU Parliament Approves Landmark Data Protection Bill

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On March 12th, in the wake of the NSA spying scandal and amidst a rising tide of public concern over digital privacy, the European Parliament approved a landmark bill designed to radically reform data protection laws.

Landmark Data Protection Bill

Strict Regulations for Businesses

Passed with an overwhelming majority of 621-For/10-Against, the bill outlines strict regulations for how businesses can collect and use consumer information. Crucially, it also proposes steep penalties for companies that violate these new safeguards of digital privacy.

One of the most important measures included in the bill – and one that many feel is long overdue – requires companies to obtain explicit consent before using any of the data they collect for marketing purposes.

The bill also establishes a “Right to be Forgotten,” which would compel businesses to purge all data about any person who requests to be cleared from their system (except when that information has become public record; as it would if published in a newspaper, for example).

Reporting on Breaches within 24 Hours or Risk Penalisation

Furthermore, the bill mandates that companies must inform all relevant parties “without undue delay” whenever a security breach occurs—a time period the MPs suggest is about 24-hours, depending on the scale of the breach.

In order to meet a 24-hour time frame it is important the regulated organisation have technologies in place which allows real-time reporting and top of the range searching to protect against breaching the new regulations. The Cryoserver Email Archiving Technology builds records of who has searched and for what they searched in real time and informs independent personnel of the search immediately after the search has happened. A breach can be spotted in real time and any relevant notifications can happen well within the recommended 24 hours.

Yet even the most stringent regulations are impotent without harsh enforcement to back them up. So the bill also imposes a fine of 5% global revenue (with a minimum of €100 million) on any violating organization.

Having amended the bill’s original proposal of a 2% fine, the EU Parliament is sending a clear message that they stand behind the public’s right to privacy at a time when the increasingly pervasive web of digital technology is making it ever-harder for ordinary citizens to keep track of their online footprints.

But although many hail the move as progress in the uphill battle to regulate the rapidly evolving tech landscape, not everyone has received the bill warmly.

Adapting to the proposed laws will be expensive for those currently violating them, and the regulations will force many marketers to drastically restructure their current strategies. So a few organizations, including the Direct Marketing Association, have already been quick to decry the bill.

Welcome News for a Level Playing Field

Yet others in the business world see the legislation as a welcome change – one that levels the playing field between massive international corporations and SMEs. Cryoserver, for example – whose software helps companies safeguard data and rapidly notify customers when breaches happen – points out that increased regulation would create many new jobs in the data protection sector.

So despite the voices of dissent, the bill seems poised to benefit the public by extending our basic rights to privacy into the digital realm. But it still has a long way to go before being cemented into law.

When they meet in June, the Council of the European Union will review and probably request further amendments to the bill. The law can only go into effect after a final version is approved by both the EU Council and Parliament, which could happen as soon as 2015. In any case, if policy-makers do succeed in passing the bill, it will mark a historic development in the sphere of digital privacy. If not, the future of our online data will remain uncertain.

We’ve Updated Our Mobile App

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Cryoserver are pleased to announce an update to our popular mobile app, which brings it into line with Apple’s latest OS, iOS7, and introduces some new features.

Mobile Email with Cryoserver

Until recently there’s been a clear distinction between work and personal devices, but times have changed. Now it’s increasingly likely that your personal device will be smarter, faster and more powerful than the technology provided by your work, so businesses are bringing in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

However, these policies can leave data at risk if users download sensitive emails to their personal devices – and that’s where Cryoserver comes in.

Features of Cryoserver’s Mobile App

By installing Cryoserver’s Mobile App on your iPad, iPhone or Android device, you can have fast, easy access to your emails at any time, while businesses can be confident that any sensitive data is managed carefully and has controlled access.

The software used by Cryoserver has the capability to access any email that’s ever been sent from a user’s phone – a vast improvement on the 30-day restriction on most smart phones. Of greater benefit are the lightning fast searches Cryoserver can run, enabling users to find emails based on a keyword, sender, recipient or date sent.

The biggest benefit to businesses is that no data is stored on the device. A selected email can be opened, read and answered via the Cryoserver API, but once the app is closed, the user is logged out and the archive data remains securely stored.

The New Version

The new version has fixed some compatibility issues with iOS7. In addition, a New Message feature has been added, allowing users to compose a message without leaving the app. This is especially useful in BYOD environments when businesses need to ensure that sensitive emails aren’t sent from a personal email by accident.

Cryoserver’s Mobile App offers a number of benefits to users and organisations alike, and is an essential addition to the BYOD working environment offered by an increasing number of businesses today.

Cryoserver Sales and Technical Training

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London - On 24th October at 10am – 4pm join e92plus and Cryoserver to learn more about the most advanced email archiving solution – from cloud to virtual to on-premise, delivering compliance and full auditing to an organisation.

This half day sales and one day technical training session, is for both pre-sales and post-sales staff. The two training sessions will cover an overview of the technology, how to sell it and will include certification training. 

Cryoserver is a best of breed email archiving and email management solution which has been on the market for 12 years and is operational in more than 20 countries. Companies from all business sectors rely on wide range or features to solve all their business email archiving issues. 

This training day is aimed at UK based IT resellers who are keen to promote and support the Cryoserver email archiving solution.

For more information or to sign up to the training session please contact the team on +44 (0) 800 280 0525 or email

How Edward Snowden Will Affect Information Security

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Security of Email Archiving London – The information your company manages is valuable. Its value rests in how it helps fuel your organisation and how it might allow other people to sabotage those plans. Establishing an information security plan is the key to protecting your company’s email archival.

Information security starts with the end users. Deciding which types of information each end user ought to have access to is an important decision. Typically, human resource professionals are given a wider range of access to employee data and communications. That is probably appropriate in the majority of corporate settings. However, there are issues of nepotism and confidentiality agreements that might make the default human resource settings inappropriate. The key here is making a deliberate choice about who can access company data rather than defaulting to whatever you might perceive as normal.

Of course, even the most effective information security plans still have to rely on a certain level of trust among managers and employees. This trust is commonly established through background checks, interviews and psychological testing. However, American Edward Snowden, a civilian employee of a government agency, represents a fairly straightforward example of how a seemingly secure system can go horribly wrong.

Snowden used his position to procure thousands of pages of evidence about a National Security Agency surveillance program that was far reaching and potentially violated the constitutional rights of thousands of Americans who had no known association with any terrorist group. He then leaked this sensitive information to The Guardian as a “whistle-blower” in an attempt to stop the US government from this infringement.

Regardless of how one feels about the information Snowden leaked to the press, the fact is, he was trusted and had access to sensitive information prior to the leak. He was able to present The Guardian with information that was so sensitive that dozens of countries are now considering their own national security programs.

There may not be any information security plan that can prevent a Snowden-style leak, which was based on his belief in the constitutional principles of individual freedom from government intrusion. What can be done though is protecting company data from being used for harm. Whether one employee wants to act on a personal vendetta against another employee or another attempts to delete email data to protect themselves from incrimination, when you lock down your email data, it is much easier to protect your business from such nefarious conduct.

Cryoserver’s services of email archiving is capable of protecting your data. Through their proprietary archiving appliance and cloud servers they offer your information technology department the ability to restrict access to the email archive, locking down what might be the most sensitive communications employees at your company have sent or received.

Preventing data theft and leaks means doing all an email archiver can to restrict data access in the first place. With the Cryoserver security controls in place, the majority of your job is done.

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The CIA Approach to Maintaining Information Security

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The CIA Model of information security  in email archivingLONDON – Businesses cannot ignore the importance of information security. Doing so can hurt your bottom line in terms of lost data, breaches of trust and loss of business partners. The value of the data that your business processes can be measured in a variety of ways.

One way to approach the issue of information security is to view it through the lens of the CIA Triad. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are the core of this lens and a good place to start when building an information security system that protects what might be your business’s most valuable assets.

Cryoserver focuses on the security of your email systems, taking into account the CIA Triad. The main way confidentiality is protected is in the access controls given to privileged users and end users. While the end user may only access their own emails, a privileged user has access to the entire email archive. When a privileged user attempts to access the archiving software, they must state their reason for accessing the archive. This built in protection means that a privileged user cannot just go browsing through employee emails, but must have a stated purpose to protect the confidentiality of email data.

Integrity is key in determining if an information security system is effective. If email data is to be protected, then it must be protected in its original format. The ability to modify an email after it has been sent or received is not acceptable for maintaining information security. Likewise, deleting emails is unacceptable. Data integrity for archiving emails means the email is preserved exactly as it was sent or received. Cryoserver’s services for email archiving do this by creating a copy of every email sent or received, both internally and externally. These back up emails form the archive.

Ultimately, if the information you are attempting to keep secure is not available when needed, then your security efforts are for naught. Cryoserver is a high-availability system that returns search results nearly instantly. This is why so many private and government organisations rely on Cryoserver for their email information security. With the release of version 7.0, Cryoserver’s Business Continuity Mode provides unlimited access to the archive in the event of server issues or power outages.

Measuring the value of the information you protect is your job. Protecting that information is Cryoserver’s job. We are uniquely positioned to support these efforts through our email archiving appliances, software, cloud services and mobile applications.

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Balancing the Needs of BYOD and Corporate Security

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email archiving servicesLONDON – As more companies consider the benefits of telecommuting employees, it becomes important to create clear policies on how both corporate and private equipment will be used to store emails and access the company network. BYOD, or “bring your own device,” is now embedded into the daily culture of a variety of businesses. It is not going away and businesses need to carefully consider how end users will access the corporate systems and networks. In particular, this may be most important when email applications are being used to access corporate accounts. It is imperative that your email system remains secure at all times, especially considering the risk of either theft or loss of employee-owned devices. Even the standard insurance purchased to replace a lost or stolen device is not going to cover the data that was lost. That responsibility rests on the shoulders of the information technology department professionals who are providing the access.

The trick is to find email archiving services that not only give the end user freedom to access their email information as needed, but to do so in a way that the email data does not bog down the functionality of the other applications on the device. For example, a remote sales person may need to access an emailed quote or other pieces of information which they may have sent months ago, at the beginning of their negotiations. How can a business allow this sales person access to that email while balancing the dual needs of security and functionality?

The newest solution is the Cryoserver Email Archive App, an email backup, which provides a secure, containerised window to the live corporate email. Through this app, the end user has real-time access to their email account without the need to store emails on the local device. In the event that the employee loses their personal device, corporate email can be controlled in real-time and the security risk is minimized. Unauthorized parties will not be able to access the corporate email once proper controls are set in place.

IT departments are the first line of defence for device security. If they are not already, they ought to be advising and guiding their company in creating a short list of preferred applications that work seamlessly with their desktop email compliance software and other software upon which the company relies. The Cryoserver Email Archive App is available for Apple and Android devices and offers search features comparable to the desktop or cloud-based software.

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London: 10th July 2013 – FCS (UK) Limited, the Company behind Cryoserver (, the world’s leading forensic email archiving and compliance solution, have signed an agreement with e92plus, the leading UK Value Added Distributor.  e92plus will distribute the complete Cryoserver product line through its UK reseller partners, and the  partnership enables e92plus to add an advanced email archiving solution to their security portfolio, helping VARs deliver a full complement of best-of-breed vendors in data security to meet the demands of this expanding market.

Cryoserver email archiving software ensures organisations can meet the growing requirement to retain data, while at the same time protecting the privacy rights of those to which the data relates.  Providing users with fast access to critical electronic information in response to disputes and compliance requests, the Cryoserver range of email archiving solutions establish high standards of data privacy and protection.  Cryoserver is delivered to the marketplace in many different forms either as an appliance, virtual appliance, as software only, as cloud based solution or can be delivered as a hybrid solution.

Robin Bingeman, Director, FCS, added, “Cryoserver is entirely reliant on our channel as a route to market, and capitalising on e92plus’s impressive track record within the UK security space is a natural step for our business. This partnership with e92plus is central to our UK channel development and we look forward to working with e92plus to build on the success that Cryoserver is already enjoying.”

Mukesh Gupta,  Managing Director, e92plus, comments: “Businesses have consistently seen year-on-year exponential growth in email volumes and with this, the market recognises that there is a rising demand for robust and effective security measures to meet the needs of businesses.  We are delighted to be partnering with Cryoserver, as their solution helps address these challenges in a way that helps ensure compliance, is simple to use and significantly reduces email storage.

Cryoserver also meets the demands of the channel by offering hardware, software, virtual and cloud solutions as well as the option for delivery as a managed service, avoiding the restrictions of other existing products. With our supporting sales, marketing and technical and services we are very excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring to our partners.”

Cryoserver Exceeds Federal Laws Regarding Information Security

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Cryoserver's Software for Archiving Email is FISMA ReadyLondon – If you are a government-employed information technology professional, it is important to make sure information your agency processes is protected and secure. You might need this protection in the event of a natural disaster, an equipment malfunction or device theft. These concerns are similar to those faced in the private sector except for the addition of several pieces of legislation that impose tighter guidelines to protect government data.

One such piece of legislation is the Federal Information Security Information Act. FISMA is an all-encompassing act that requires the federal agency heads and program officials to perform yearly information security reviews. FISMA’s goal is to keep risks as low as possible while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It “explicitly emphasizes a risk based policy for cost-effective security.” (Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology)

FISMA defines information security as “protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide— (A) integrity, which means guarding against improper information modification or destruction, and includes ensuring information nonrepudiation and authenticity; (B) confidentiality, which means preserving authorized restrictions on access and disclosure, including means for protecting personal privacy and proprietary information; and (C) availability, which means ensuring timely and reliable access to and use of information.” (Source: FISMA)

Cryoserver version 7.0 exceeds all of these benchmarks for information security. In fact, Cryoserver archiving appliances are already on the racks in a number of federal facilities because those agencies know that we can help them comply with the relevant federal legislation.

Our forensic email archiving product helps them do this in a number of ways. Regarding data integrity, Cryoserver email archiver preserves emails exactly as they are sent and received, allowing no modification or destruction. An email cannot be lost when Cryoserver email storage is in place. Additionally, all header data are maintained in the archive so it is possible to verify the authenticity of the incoming, outgoing and internal emails.

Another way Cryoserver, a premier software for archiving email, meets the goals of FISMA is by restricting access to the archive. While end-users will have access to their own email history, searching for emails sent and received by others within their agency is not possible without special permissions. This protects personal privacy and any proprietary information your agency has access to.

Finally, Cryoserver offers timely and reliable access to the archive information. Archived search results are available nearly instantaneously, meaning there is always “timely and reliable access to and use of information.”

Cryoserver is FISMA ready. Not only does it meet every aspect of the federal definition of information security, but it is also cost effective. Regardless of the reason for needing easy access to archiving solutions, whether it is due to federal regulations, the threat of disaster, or the fear of losing essential email data, Cryoserver can meet your needs.

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The Feedback Is Rolling in on Cryoserver 7.0 Email Backup Improvements

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Cryoserver7.0 UpgradeLondon – Cryoserver customers who have upgraded their email archiver software to version 7.0 are providing positive feedback about the changes. There are many exciting changes they are able to take advantage of now, providing even more power to their email archives. Cryoserver listened to their clients as they were developing the newest upgrade and the results are garnering a lot of positive feedback.

Overwhelmingly, the new and improved end user interface is a client favorite. Cryoserver 7.0 comes with a very easy to use layout that allows you to compare two searches and also save recurring searches. The interface is integrated into Outlook, making the search functions appear seamless within your email software. Once your employees have been trained, they will wonder how they performed searches prior to the upgrade.

Additionally, the search criteria have been extended, giving you even more options for finding important communications. This feature works on both internal and external emails. Both live email and archived emails are searchable due to instant indexing that occurs before the emails even land in your Inbox.

Other search improvements that Cryoserver 7.0 customers are eager to use include scheduled search, quick search, and the ability to compare two different searches by only viewing the overlapping emails. Among all archiving solutions, these are some of the unique features available.

When it comes to restoring emails, Cryoserver 7.0 takes email backup to an entirely new level. One-click restoration is now a standard feature. When there are too many emails to restore one-by-one, the bulk restore feature lets you move a large mass of emails back to their original folder or account at one time. Whether you use an email archiving appliance or the software, this happens very quickly.

For the client or employee who needs access to emails on the go, the new mobile app makes that possible. Clumsy fingers might result in accidentally deleting an email from your mobile device, but there is nothing to fear if your company has upgraded to Cryoserver 7.0 and launched the mobile app. With a few clicks, it can be found and restored to your Inbox so that business can go on as you continue your travels.

Finally, if something bigger than a deleted email happens, there is the new Business Continuity Mode which allows your company to continue sending emails through Cryoserver acting as a temporary mail server until all glitches can be resolved.

You can learn more about how an upgrade to Cryoserver 7.0 can improve your company’s productivity and efficiency by contacting your sales partner.

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Educational Organizations Benefit From Email Archiving Solutions

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Email Archiving SolutionsLONDON – A variety of businesses can benefit from the email archiving solutions of Cryoserver. All companies need the ability to find sent and received emails quickly and efficiently. One might think a small company could do this easily, without acquiring any archiving appliance, but that is not necessarily true. Smaller organizations may be less likely to have established protocols and procedures for archiving important, or even unimportant, emails.

Cryoserver has worked within a variety of industries to create and establish solutions of email archiving that fit the needs of each particular client. Some organizations want to back up emails on a cloud server while others would prefer an on-site, appliance solution. Regardless of the type of data storage a company chooses, Cryoserver is able to accommodate their needs through understanding what they hope to achieve with their archiving plan.

The Brook Hill School in Bullard, TX is an example of this. As their campus grew through the addition of a new residential building and increased enrolment, they were faced with the need to re-evaluate how emails were archived. After working with Cryoserver to set up a new

email archiving software, Jason Forrest, Associate Director of Information Technology shared, “Thank you for your insight, patience, and extremely quick responses to any questions or issues we’ve had over the past 9 months. You are truly skilled at your job and it hasn’t gone unnoticed among us in the tech [sic] department here at Brook Hill.”

Educational institutions such as The Brook Hill School face compliance issues in many forms. Admissions, financial aid, and national accreditation all come with their own unique issues. Cryoserver 7.0 allows them to almost instantly discover the information required to respond to both internal and external requests.

Other industries can reap the benefits of Cryoserver 7.0 as well. It does not matter if you work in a for-profit industry or in a government funded nonprofit. The bottom line is important for everyone and being able to handle regulatory, legal, and other email requests quickly is an asset. To understand how your company can benefit from Cryoserver, sign up for a webinar and learn more.

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