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ECA Customer Story

Alaric Turner is responsible for the IT within the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA).

The organisation itself offers first rate support to its members along with professional advice, so reliability is key. Alaric recounted some of the organisation’s experiences with Cryoserver over ten years of usage.

We spoke with Alaric Turner, IT Manager:

How does your organisation use Cryoserver?

Our usage has changed, it originally was implemented due to requirements that have now expired. It’s used today for email archiving so
that users can empty out their mailboxes and still get all their mail back. Up until a year ago we used it for an insurance company to check the
validity of claims and to verify previous conversations. It was used in this way to establish whether we’d been given false information. It has saved us on a number of occasions from paying-out to false claims.

How do you use Cryoserver?

If I’m using it, then I’m using it to find something from a long time ago. So I use it for locating information from multiple years ago within the email archive. The search facilities are fantastic for this type of usage. The further we go back the more useful the multiple fields become, there’s an art to searching, of course, and once you master it then Cryoserver is brilliant and quick. We have something like 13 million emails in the system and searches still only take a couple of seconds.

What’s your favorite thing about Cryoserver?

The new version with the mirroring of the mailbox structure is highly anticipated, if it works as we expect, I can see the usage going from 50/60% up to 90%…. mailbox structure is just how some people work. Usability is the aspect of the product I find most useful.

Would you recommend Cryoserver?

I frequently recommend Cryoserver to friends or colleagues and recommend it based on ease of use and speed… not to mention the fact that it is usable within criminal law.


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