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Brook Hill School Customer Story

Brook Hill School is a competitive boarding and private school that relies on Cryoserver for compliance, and has seen fantastic engagement from its staff using Cryoserver. Brook Hill also makes use of some of the great additional features offered by Cryoserver, like attachment stubbing and business continuity.

Why did they choose Cryoserver?

Brook Hill School originally purchased Cryoserver for compliance. They’d had an incident where emails had been altered for personal benefit, and so needed a solution that archived emails and guaranteed they had not been altered by a user. Cryoserver provided that tamper-evident solution.

They were also attracted to the stubbing and business continuity modules. Business continuity mode meant that they were prepared for any unexpected downtime, and attachment stubbing kept their storage costs to an absolute minimum. Between using the search to find lost emails and stubbing the database to reduce mail server strain, Cryoserver has become a well-used tool there.

What eventually swayed them to choose Cryoserver in particular was the potential for end users to do a detailed search easily within their Outlook. The fact that the product integrates seamlessly with Outlook was really popular with their users.

What has Cryoserver done for them?

Aside from storage and compliance benefits, Brook Hill School have also been able to use Cryoserver to make the most of their Exchange system.

With the knowledge that all the email data is safely backed-up and easily accessible in the archive, Brook Hill have been able to set Exchange-level retention policies that move all emails from users’ inboxes into Cryoserver every 14 days. They have seen users kick bad habits, like keeping everything in their inbox or not saving attachments, and a general improvement in communication efficiency from school staff.


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