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Baker Tilly Customer Story

Baker Tilly Isle of Man recognise the importance of accurate email records. As an independent member of Baker Tilly International they must provide a quality service of professional expertise, accounting, auditing and fiduciary services.

Leon Sale, the IT manager spoke to us about the ways they were able to utilise Cryoserver:

Email Archiving Requirements
Baker Tilly’s previous email archiving service was struggling to match the IT department’s standards when it came to timely response and support/simplicity of function. Leon Sale and his team wanted to find a solution with proper professional standards as well as a price plan that fit their budget. Once the IT team discovered Cryoserver it was clear they had found the answer to their reasonable requests.

Problems & Solutions

1. Poor customer service from previous supplier

We simply wanted a high-quality product with a decent level of customer service, their first level service was appalling and in every case they had to refer the issue to the USA to be sorted out… It meant lengthy waits for an acceptable response.

Since changing to Cryoserver, the staff at Baker Tilly have been totally satisfied with the support team. Cryoserver’s support team provide both proactive and reactive support, helping Baker Tilly keep problems at bay and also quickly fix things on the rare occasions when there are issues.

2. Highly regulated industry with complex compliance requirements

The nature of Baker Tilly’s business means that they must comply with numerous rules regarding the maintenance of complete, tamper-resistant email records. They started using an email archiving appliance in 2008 and found they had to use the archiving records to prove or disprove an email was sent or received on multiple occasions.

“The industry in which we operate is compliance driven and we simply could not take any chances, you only need one potential issue and the use of such an appliance to resolve it, and that in itself could have paid for the hardware alone. We need complete confidence in the compliance aspect of inbound and outbound emails.”

The implementation of Cryoserver’s solution into their system went smoothly and employees were able to use the solution without lengthy training sessions.

3. High costs of previous archiving solution

With many price plans growing as users come and go from business, and a requirement for a powerful archiving solution it was difficult for Baker Tilly to find an email archive which was both secure, fast and affordable.

Leon says he would absolutely recommend Cryoserver to other companies looking for a similar system, particularly since its a third less expensive than their previous solution and has been easier to use.

“The costs between the two differ massively. Cryoserver being the best value for money hands down in my opinion.”


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