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Softech Awards: Most Trusted Email Archive

Most Trusted email archive

It’s been a 16 year journey for the Cryoserver email archive to arrive at version 9. In that time the mentality of the business, and the experts who developed one of the first email archives in existence, has grown and developed to understand what the best version of an email archive looks like. Cryoserver allows businesses and users to really use all the functionalities of an email archive that make a genuine difference to their work day to day.

Throughout the development of Cryoserver there’s been an emphasis on letting the people who use the product day to day guide its evolution. In 2016 Cryoserver held multiple user groups, took on various suggestions and even implemented customer ideas across the entire user group.


Softech provide one of the most relevant and topical technology publications in the market today. The publication is produced by, and read by, some of the industry’s most well established technology heads.

With a readership of more than 43,000 technology professionals Softech have to be sure to fully vet the recipients of their awards. The publication is seen as a one stop shop for software and technology information, and Cryoserver were humbled to be included in their 2016 awards cycle.

Robin Bingeman on the award…

I’m pleased to say that it’s our customer focus which made winning this award possible. This focus has been important to all our staff over the last 15 years, allowing us to deliver a solution which reliably meets the needs of so many organisations.

I think it is our respected brand which makes Cryoserver easy to trust. Cryoserver was born from a proud history of delivering a best of breed archive to the market. Our customer base is something we feel extremely proud of, encompassing all sectors, household names and high profile public sector organisations.

The entire team at Cryoserver are passionate about the technology and meeting our customers’ needs. That means that all our staff develop relationships with the customer, and as a result they’re happy to keep working with them for longer!

We endeavour to continue listening to our customers, enhancing the solution and helping users to quickly find the information they need. That and our commitment to reliably serving customers should make us a trusted choice well into the future!

Customer Testimonials

At Cryoserver we are very lucky to enjoy a fantastic relationship with our customers. Not only do we manage to support customers through the process of acquiring Cryoserver; but we also enjoy great praise on the support side too. Below are just a few quotes from people who have helped us to become the Most Trusted email archive 2016:

We can’t fault the support. It’s one of those products we don’t do a lot with, it sits there and works, when something does happen the support team have always been very useful and do exactly what’s required of them.

Gary Hancock, North Warwickshire Borough Council

We never felt like a customer number, we were always properly managed and never felt like they were trying to make a profit at our expense.

David Chatterton, South Liverpool Homes

“Worth every penny” is the phrase I hear used a lot about the software, that and “I would do it again”. I don’t know anyone around here who doesn’t love it.

Jason Forrest, Brook Hill School

Everything’s been rock solid – I’ve not seen any problems with the devices themselves and heard nothing but good reports on support and general help in the project

Ian Martin, Federation of Small Businesses

Your support guys have been absolutely wonderful in being adaptive and supportive and always having the information that we needed

Martin Vogwell, Ultra Electronics


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