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Email migration is the process in which user inboxes and email messages are migrated from one email system to another. If you’re looking to migrate email accounts and user mailboxes to the cloud, Cryoserver can support you with the move to achieve a successful migration.


Migrating with Cryoserver

Cryoserver is being used as a critical tool in aiding and helping expedite the migration from on-premise mailservers to cloud ones.

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Cryoserver and Office365
Migration Options

Types of Email Migration

Organisations use our email archiving solutions to support and expedite their migrations. They could be moving from a 2010 Exchange Server to the newer 2013, 2016 or 19 versions. Or from an on-premises mail server to Microsoft/Office 365 or Exchange Online.

Depending on the size of your business, there are 3 different types of migration scenarios. Our experts can help you decide on the best migration for your business, and show you how Cryoserver can help support you.

Cutover Migration

This is where all email data is transferred over to a new provider. It’s perfect for businesses with a small number of users.

Staged Migration

If you have a huge amount of emails and attachments, data can be moved in migration batches to limit disruption.

Hybrid migration

This is for businesses looking to have the best of both worlds: on-premises and Microsoft/Office 365 or Exchange Online.


Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

While Microsoft/Office 365 offers huge benefits in terms of storage, security and cloud hosting, its search interface leaves much to be desired – we all know what it’s like searching through Outlook. Microsoft/Office 365’s email archiving has limitations as well, particularly when it comes to search speed, email compliance and the management of large data archives. All it takes is Cryoserver’s award-winning search to turn a Microsoft/Office 365 archive into a powerful productivity tool. Here are some more benefits of migrating to the cloud:


Cloud computing can scale up to support larger workloads and greater numbers of users far more easily than on-premises infrastructure, which requires companies to purchase and set up additional physical servers, networking equipment, or software licenses.


Companies that move to the cloud often vastly reduce the amount they spend on IT operations, since the cloud providers handle maintenance and upgrades. Instead of keeping things up and running, companies can focus more resources on their biggest business needs – developing new products or improving existing ones.


For some businesses, moving to the cloud can enable them to improve performance and the overall user experience for their customers. If their application or website is hosted in cloud data centres instead of in various on-premises servers, then data will not have to travel as far to reach the users, reducing latency.


Users, whether they’re employees or customers, can access the cloud services and data they need from anywhere. This makes it easier for a business to expand into new territories, offer their services to international audiences, and let their employees work flexibly.

Why us?

Why Migrate With Cryoserver?

Cryoserver’s email archiving solutions support your move to the cloud. You can import your entire email archive into a searchable database. Then, select what you’d like to keep in the cloud archive, and what you’d like to remove to trim down the data that needs to be transferred – based on your email retention policy. From there, you can complete your move to Microsoft/Office 365, Exchange Server or another provider more easily without unnecessary data. Afterwards, just encourage your users to find older emails in the archive, rather than in their own inbox.

Victory with Cryoserver

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