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Maples Customer Story

How a law firm’s email archiving solution makes workers’ lives easier

Leeds-based Nick Jarvis is Messaging Engineer at a multi-jurisdictional legal/financial firm. They provide a range of fiduciary services from their offices around the globe. Since 2006, the organisation has used an on-premise version of Cryoserver to archive its emails securely, stay compliant, and enable staff to search for data quickly and easily.

Nick joined the company about five years ago. Prior to his current role, he worked at another law firm which used two other email archiving solutions, Enterprise Vault and EAS.

“Low maintenance”

We asked him how he found working with Cryoserver compared with these other solutions, and he remarked on the difference we’ve made to his workload. He hadn’t heard of Cryoserver when he started with his current employer, and was surprised to find it eliminated mundane tasks he’d had to do previously when archiving. Dealing with the other solutions was time consuming – “very hands on. We had to manually do a lot of storage – create additional storage.” By comparison, “Cryoserver just works – you don’t have to do as much. It takes up so much less time, not having to create storage. It’s very low maintenance – it kind of runs itself.”

“Doing searches is nice and simple”

Staff at his current employer access their Cryoserver archive regularly via Outlook, carrying out hundreds of searches each day.

Nick says: “[Cryoserver] does what you need it to do. It’s very user-friendly as well – quick and easy to use. You don’t have to explain to people how to use it. Once they’re logged in, you don’t get many questions from them as to how to do things. It’s self-explanatory. There is a nice layout for the buttons. It has good export options: you can send an email back to your mailbox or save it locally.”

He has to do lots of privileged searches himself. He says doing this with Cryoserver is much faster than it was with Enterprise Vault, and the admin side is better as well. “You can switch accounts, which is a good idea. I can switch my admin account around without having to log out and log back in.”

Exceptional support

Nick is complementary about our technical support, which, he says, “has always been good, with a quick turnaround.”

“Robin [Cryoserver’s MD] is always reaching out to see how things are going, which is good. Mazhar [one of our tech team] “has always been helpful.  There have been no problems with support.”

Nick’s employer recently had an issue with their Cryoserver console on a Friday. They contacted us the next day (Saturday). Merlin, another tech support team member, put his weekend plans on hold to help Nick. “Things go wrong at the weekend, but Cryoserver are still there to help. I would recommend Cryoserver based on my experience.”


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