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Arnold Laver Customer Story

Celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2020, Arnold Laver is a household name in the timber manufacturing industry.

Mike Kenyon, Group IT Director of Arnold Laver divulges his best kept secret on how he leads and manages a workforce of 600+ strong on effectively preserving their email and the business-critical contents within.

Problems & Solutions:

Like most organisations, Arnold Laver uses Office 365 and therefore Outlook to send emails. Though Outlook has a native email archiving function, Mike Kenyon recalls ‘Outlook archiving is extremely slow’.

With nearly every contract worth millions of pounds, the details and figures quoted in emails to close a deal becomes extremely important. Without any specialised archiving solution, Arnold Laver runs the risk of committing to contracts and quantities that are incorrect.

Arnold Laver has installed Cryoserver, expertly simple email archiving solution for 10 years and counting. Kenyon states: ‘it was important to the organisation that no one can delete or manipulate the email contents, it’s all about regulation and compliance and making sure we can prove what we had and who said what and when.’

Benefits of Cryoserver saturates all levels and departments of Arnold Laver. Mike Kenyon and the entire workforce uses Cryoserver regularly.

‘Cryoserver is like a comfort blanket, it gives us reassurance of authenticity in every detail of company communication inside and out, which in a heavily regulated industry like ours is highly valued and essential. Cryoserver provides immediate back-up and 100% truth and helps us cuts through red tape.’

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