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Air Charter Service Customer Story

Operating since 1999, Air Charter Service is a multi-faceted broker offering specialised air transport services ranging from private, group and cargo charters.

Dean Stone, Senior Engineer, discusses how the switch from Air Charter’s previous incumbent email archiving solution to Cryoserver, expertly simple email archiving solution has helped to significantly cut down its admin process time from 1 week to minutes.

Problems & Solutions

Outgrowing and unsatisfied with the previous archiving solution, Air Charter began to research for alternative replacements. Besides addressing the painfully slow retrieval speed, impacting compliance request response times, Air Charter was also looking for a flexible solution that would scale with the business.

“We originally looked at Mimecast, Intradyne and Cryoserver and we found Cryoserver offered the best range of flexibility to fit with our business model, we’ve found the other providers didn’t offer a solution for us to easily move to the cloud and vice-versa and at a sensible and cost-effective price point.”

Air Charter was with the previous incumbent email archiving solution for 5 years, during this time the performance of the previous archiving solution experienced an unfortunate nosedive in terms of search speed and efficiency as the company’s archiving database grew over the years.

The IT department at Air Charter was particularly impressed with the search speed of Cryoserver, especially when they tested Cryoserver’s function under the same database capacity and bandwidth, it was able to outperform the previous solution effortlessly in comparison.

Dean ‘often hears colleagues and staff praising the intuitive user interface and search speed of Cryoserver.’

Dean lists Cryoserver as a powerful tool that helped the company save substantial money and manpower over the years and will recommend
it to organisations looking for an email archiving solution.


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