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Cloud email archiving: why now’s a good time for it

Increasingly, Cryoserver on-premises customers are switching to our cloud solution. There are many good reasons to do this: from improving accessibility for a flexible workforce, to saving money and reducing hassle. Here’s the case for moving now.

How have you been managing to keep your business going in the COVID-19 era? One answer many IT directors might give is: with the cloud.

The cloud has been essential for enabling organisations to work remotely and collaborate effectively. Such has been the growth in its use in 2020 and 2021, Computer Weekly reports:

“Global spending on public cloud services will be up 18.4% in 2021 and hit  $304.9bn, fuelled by the uptick in demand for off-premise services caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

CMS Wire says: “Cloud computing is no longer a choice, but rather the default position of any organization that wants to remain competitive.”

Even before the pandemic, businesses were increasingly moving their email from on-premises Exchange servers to Microsoft/Office 365. They’re reaping advantages such as:

  • Control of costs and financial flexibility
  • Enabling employees to work from anywhere and at any time
  • Cutting the cost of IT support and maintenance
  • Communication and collaboration tools such as Teams
  • Greater security and compliance

Cryoserver Cloud works seamlessly with Microsoft/Office 365 to enhance the end-user email experience. For customers who are migrating their email, our solution helps them do it quickly and securely.

Surging interest in cloud email archiving

As organisations do more and more of their business in the cloud, many are moving from on-premises email archiving to our pay-as-you-go cloud service.

We manage their archives in secure UK-based IL5 data centres, making the data always available to users..

In the 12 months to June 2021, almost 25% of our on-premises customers have migrated to our cloud. To understand why, consider the advantages of our email archiving SaaS.

Helping your flexible workforce

It looks like remote, or at least hybrid/flexible, working is set to continue for employees of many businesses for a long while yet.

With Cryoserver Cloud, organisations can enable their users to access essential data in their archive wherever workers are based.

It also supports an agile business environment with ultimate flexibility. There are zero limits on user numbers or storage space.

Less hassle

Leave your email archiving to the experts to manage in the cloud. We’ll make sure your archive is online, accessible, and has enough storage to meet your needs.

Imagine all those things you’ll no longer have to worry about:

  • Managing your archiving appliance and Exchange Server
  • Rack space
  • Power outages
  • Having to visit the office to power cycle your server or deal with a technical issue affecting it or your appliance
  • Your 3- or 5-year warranties running out
  • Having to replace your appliance

And, with an evergreen email archiving environment, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest features.

Saving money

In a recent PwC survey, “almost 75% of finance leaders said they were planning for a more agile business environment going forward”. Cloud solutions are ideally suited to this trend, as they involve no costs up front (Capex), and are simply operating expenses (Opex).

Compare the Capex costs of on-premises email archiving with the Opex costs of Cryoserver Cloud, and you’ll see an opportunity to save money over time.

A business with 1,000 mailboxes, for example, would save about £5,000 in their first year with Cryoserver Cloud versus our on-premise solution.

With our SaaS you no longer have to pay for:

  • IT personnel managing the solution and related hardware
  • An Exchange Server
  • An email archiving appliance
  • A bigger, more expensive replacement appliance
  • Floor space for their server room
  • Extended warranties
  • Buying new appliances and servers

You simply pay as you go, per live user. You don’t need any onsite hardware, and all support is included.

Cryoserver customers on moving to our cloud solution

“It’s time consuming to do everything yourself – you can buy a server and an on-prem mail archive but it’s more efficient to do it this way [in the cloud with Cryoserver].”

Jean Pierre Erasmus, IT Manager at SIS, leading supplier of 24/7 betting services to retail and online operators globally

“We were pushing everything to the cloud, it made sense to have email archiving in the cloud too.”

Luke Braham, IT manager at Red, a multinational SAP solutions provider

“The move to CryoCloud was painless, and the support team was excellent in the migration process.”

Mike Kenyon, Group IT Director at Arnold Laver, a leading timber supplier employing over 760 employees.

Think it’s time your business switched from on-premises email archiving to a more flexible, pay-as-you-go SaaS? Or do you have any questions about it? We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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