Cryoserver Cloud email archiving

Our solution cloud-based involves no hardware overhead and all software and hardware support is included, as is a UK-based mirroring service.

Cloud-based SaaS is the most flexible Cryoserver email archiving solution. Our pay-as-you-go price plan caters to multiple users and our product makes it quick and easy to set up new accounts.

Keeping your email archive in the cloud

Our cloud email archiving solution has proven popular with customers keen to keep their infrastructure off-site. There’s no doubt that IT is shifting towards the cloud; and understandably, as there are plenty of different services to be found, many of which relate specifically to storage.

Thanks to our impressive deduplication and compression levels, Cryoserver offers a unique advantage when placed in the cloud. This means your business will spend less on moving emails to the cloud.

One of our customers, Red, found that Cryoserver accommodated to their move perfectly. Since they implemented Cryoserver’s email archiving solution, we have seen many other organisations making the same move to our cloud offering.

Cryoserver in conjunction with Office 365

The Cryoserver cloud is the perfect complement to Office 365, making it an efficient addition to your business.

Office 365 has revolutionised many organisations’ use of the cloud. When it comes to archiving, there are certain features that are critical. This is where we come in. As an enhancement, the Cryoserver solution brings richer features and functionality than wouldn’t otherwise be available on 365.

Cryoserver’s cloud email archiving enhances the important aspects – like search functionality – to provide the best cloud based archive mail store.

You can achieve superior security and reliability with Cryoserver, when compared with Microsoft’s original bundled application.

When is a cloud email archive right for you?

Our cloud service has traditionally been used by customers moving their infrastructure away from solutions located on-site.

If you’re especially security conscious, then the Cryoserver data centres may be the right choice for your business. Here, on-site finger print authentication is provided and the servers have multiple layers of defence against both attack and accidental damage. With this solution, you can equip your business with expensive defences that may otherwise be unaffordable.

What can Cryoserver cloud email archiving do?

Cryoserver stores your email in date files, as opposed to the typical database style storage. For this simple reason, Cryoserver is able to search and retrieve emails at great speed from the archive.

Cryoserver users find themselves looking to their archive before their inbox as a matter of habit thanks to the easy to use search interface and rapid results.

You won’t find duplicate emails within the archive, thanks to the format in which we save them.

Our solution often sees users reducing their storage needs by up to 75%. And, as a result, you’ll make significant savings to your budget.

What are the differences between email archiving software and appliances?

Cryoserver email archiving in the cloud shares all of the same features as our appliance and software solutions.

By delivering a multi-platform approach, Cryoserver customers are able to adapt their solutions as their business evolves, meaning they can make changes that are relevant to the organisation at the time.

Although the delivery method might bring specific advantages, there are no limitations on functionality when comparing cloud and appliance solutions.

Is the cloud email archive used by other customers?

As our customer base becomes increasingly interested in the move to the cloud across their infrastructure in general, Cryoserver’s cloud email archiving solution is becoming more and more popular. Unlike other solutions Cryoserver can easily be migrated from one platform to another, making a future move away from the cloud easier, if a business’ requirements change.

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