Since October 2006, FCS have been developing the Cryoserver software at a fast pace. The current Version 8 was released in March 2015.

The Cryoserver products are now distributed in 25+ countries with a client base spanning from government to borough councils, charities to medical research, financial to legal, entertainment to sport, education to private colleges, blue chips to household names.  Clients range in size from a few users to about 32,000 users.

Cryoserver email archiving technologies is seen in the marketplace as one of the pioneers of email archival with hundreds of man-years’ worth of development refining the “findability” of electronic communications.

Cryoserver was originally developed as a bespoke solution enabling legal and financial organisations to comply with stringent self-regulation introduced after EU Data Protection Act 2000. Enterprises, businesses and government organisations of all sizes and sectors now rely on Cryoserver for retention and access to critical business, operational and publicly-held information.

Email has become the business communication tool of choice, supporting global business expansion and our 24/7 lifestyle. The volume and complexity of business email messages is growing exponentially year-on-year, and shows no signs of stopping in the near future. Managing your mail box is one of the biggest challenges facing business today.

Here at FCS, we pride ourselves on being the email archiving specialists. Our technical expertise, passion for user experience and commitment to customer service make Cryoserver the most user-friendly, feature-rich email management and archival solution on the market today.

FCS work closely with a number of partners. Within the UK we enjoy a close working relationship with our UK distributor Kite Distribution. Learn more about what Kite do here

Cryoserver – a better way to manage email.