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The Case For Cryoserver – Save Time and Money [Video]

Video Transcript

An average mailbox grows at least 1.4GB per year. That’s 293 billion emails sent each day.

What are the methods of keeping up with that growth?

  1. Buy more storage? Not economical.
  2. Delete older emails? Not compliant.

Cryoserver solves growing email volume by compressing and de-duplicating every email, saving you:

  • Storage costs – Immediately, Cryoserver helps free up storage space, which saves money.
  • Time – Emails are an unstructured data, which means searching for specific emails is a long time-consuming task. Cryoserver has a powerful search function, allowing you to find any email in seconds.
  • Workload – Cryoserver reduces email recovery workload on IT departments.

Don’t waste time and money searching for emails. Stop searching, start finding.