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Version 9 User Guide

by | Oct 29, 2019

This document is intended for the Cryoserver end-user and shows you how to use Cryoserver to search for live and archived email.
Cryoserver is an email archive, storing in real time all the email in/out and around the organisation in a secure and tamper evident way. This guide aims to show you how to search/retrieve and restore emails from Cryoserver and to provide hints and tips on how to get the most out of the solution.

Using Cryoserver
Cryoserver allows you to review any email that you have ever received or sent since it started archiving via various search techniques including:
• Search for emails by sender/receivers/group email addresses
• Selectively search for email with or without their attachments
• Specify words to include or exclude from the search
• Specify words for searching for an exact match or words that sound similar.
You can specify search criteria for one or several words. Cryoserver will rank email and documents higher than others, according to their relevance.

Finding Help
You can access help at any time by clicking the help link. A pop up window will appear giving guidance to the page you are on.