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Case Study – DEA

by | Sep 11, 2019

The Department of Environmental Affairs in South Africa provides leadership in environmental management, conservation and protection towards sustainability for the benefit of South Africans and the global community.

Lindsay Crowster, the Senior IT Manager relays his experiences with the Department’s handiest application of 10 years, Cryoserver, expertly simple email archiving solution.

Problems & Solutions:


Prior to installing Cryoserver, The Department of Environmental Affairs had no specialist archiving solution, instead it relied on an outdated and limited functionality email back-up to perform any email retrieval requests across the entire organisation. 

Back in 2017, Cryoserver successfully helped the Department proved its position in court when it was under a litigation investigation.

Without Cryoserver, the Department of Environmental Affairs simply couldn’t prove which email content is or isn’t original. Using Cryoserver is a painless exercise, the search functionality of the application is extremely reliable and efficient. Finding what we need is very easy. 

The Department of Environmental Affairs doesn’t have to perform lengthy and tedious mailbox restorations since Cryoserver has been introduced. Furthermore, it has achieved an astonishing 80% time saving for the IT department when it comes to email related queries.

Cryoserver is simple to use and extremely efficient at finding emails, the support staff have been knowledgeable and helpful, they are truly customer-centric.