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Q4 2019 Sales Incentive

Win cash & PlayStation 4 with Cryoserver

We’re inviting you to sell more Cryoserver to earn extra cash and chances to win a PS4 Console for your office!

Here’s how it works:

  • EVERY deal registration, earn £20 Amazon voucher*
  • EVERY closed business, earn £50 Amazon voucher*
  • EVERY deal reg/closed business, earn a chance to win a PS4 Console!

This means, on top of your regular sales commission, you’ll earn additional cash straight to your pocket, AND, there is no limit on how much cash you can earn!

Best of all, in addition to the extra cash, every deal reg & closed business also earn you a chance to win a PlayStation 4 console for the entire office!

Keep the cash for yourself and be the office hero! Offer is now live and runs until 31 March 2020.  

What are you waiting for?


 *New deal registration and closed business only, subject to verification.


The Rise of Stricter Data Privacy Laws

Cryoserver is built to assist IT managers, Legal officers, and Data Protection Officers to stay email compliant by:

  • providing real-time capture and storage of every email on a separate secure server
  • having role-based access and multi-factor authentication
  • a built in, tamper-evident audit trail,
  • ultra fast search speed 

It’s also one of the few email archiving solutions on the marketplace that complies with GDPR regulations.

Hot topic: Cyber Security

 Email Archiving as Business Continuity? Yes.

A backup solution typically only takes a snapshot at specific time frames, whilst Cryoserver captures an identical copy of all emails in real time, not just snapshots at specific intervals. This allows your customers to do a swift ‘restoration’ of their most updated and business-critical data in their business emails, should an unfortunate cyber-attack occur. 


“Cryoserver is an absolute necessity. How else would you know what your customers said or what you said? Our industry is heavily regulated, each deal is worth millions of pounds, the truth in our email communications and being accountable becomes of utmost importance – a necessity”

Group IT Director, Natural Resources

“We recently had to search the archive for a specific email in a critical business case. We found it in record time, which made the project manager’s day and saved the company a, massive bill! Cryoserver to the rescue again!”

IT Infrastructure Manager, Manufacturing

“The big thing for us has been the reduction in the size of the database, we started at about 850gig, we expect to be down at around about 250gig.”

Head of IT & Change, Financial

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