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In the latest round of privacy law news, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) concludes that systematic profiling of web users via invasive tracking technologies such as cookies and the programmatic advertising process known as real-time bidding (RTB) is in breach of U.K. and pan-EU privacy laws such as GDPR. Read full article here.

Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner, ICO states “The rules that protect people’s personal data must be followed. Companies do not need to choose between innovation and privacy.”

Cryoserver is in tune with ICO. Our expertly simple email archiving solution was developed over 18 years ago with Data Privacy at the heart of our solution and remains today, our central focus. 

With the rise of stricter privacy laws globally, Cryoserver is built to assist IT managers, Legal officers, and Data Protection Officers to archive emails, safeguard their email environment and to stay email compliant. 

Cryoserver safeguards your email by:

  • providing real-time capture and storage of every message received by the mail server on a separate secure server, allowing you on demand access to all original and authentic email data, no matter how old or recent, in a central environment,
  • allowing you to control data access by setting role-based permission and multi-factor authentication, meaning only staff with clearance can view or access,
  • automatically monitors email archive access with a built-in, comprehensive and tamper-evident audit trail so you have a complete history of who accessed what data and when.

Furthermore, Cryoserver has been further enhanced to comply with GDPR making it one of the few email archiving solutions on the marketplace that complies with GDPR regulations.

Installing Cryoserver allows you to:

  • confidently store your company’s sensitive data such as personal identifiable information, a lot of this information are found exclusively in emails,
  • efficiently answer any legal or compliance request via a fast search and a tamper-evident audit trail,
  • effortlessly stay compliant with respect to various Data Privacy laws.

Cryoserver is the best of breed solution when it comes to email data compliance, it works in the background to keep you compliant, so you can focus on what your company does best and be innovators in your own industry.

Interested in Cryoserver and want to stay compliant to privacy laws? Get a feel on how via a free demo, book yours today here.