What are your Email archiving problems?

  1. Losing company intellectual property (IP) and resources by deleting emails too quickly

One of the most common questions we hear at Cryoserver is “how long should I keep my emails for?”. It’s a question which occurs to plenty of people, and the answer will vary from business to business according to compliance and data protection. There’s no simple answer, but there is good advice to stop you losing company resources, IP and causing future problems.

Many of our customers choose to keep email for around seven years in order to satisfy a broad range of compliance laws. The key is that by choosing to not delete any emails within a set period your organisation is keeping a hard record of communication and knowledge. By building up this bank of information you can be sure that you won’t lose valuable records.

Cryoserver allows you to remain safe in the knowledge that all communications have been frozen and stored at the time of receipt, and are just an easy and fast search away.

  1. Saving time navigating emails

The process of dragging and dropping emails into specific folders is time-consuming and full of chances to make mistakes. Cryoserver’s ability to search through archived emails allows users to perform extremely specific searches amongst their previous correspondents without any training.

Many of our customers find that Human Resources are often asked to investigate specific emails between members of staff. This is a task which is easily done using Cryoserver’s various search filters. Without Cryoserver IT departments often find themselves frequently asked to restore emails from archive as a support service. This process obviously takes up valuable time, leaving your organisation’s IT staff handling additional tasks and your Human Resources staff waiting for searches to be completed.

With Cryoserver it’s simple and quick for employees to handle these kinds of tasks themselves using the intuitive and super fast search facility.

  1. Auditing email searches

Employees can feel understandably uneasy about having their emails searched or investigated. For that reason Cryoserver audits those searches conducted using higher access rights that may access colleagues’ email accounts. Unions and management alike can feel secure in the knowledge that all email searches will detail the time an email was opened, viewed, edited or forwarded, and by who. This tamper-evident audit trail keeps tabs on people using Cryoserver’s search facilities in order to prevent breach of Pol legislation.

  1. Saving space on the mail server (Mailbox limits are exceeded/ mail server efficiency has been reduced)

Running out of space is an extremely common problem for email users. Not only is the quantity of email mushrooming but individual messages are too. Thanks to attachments like hi-res graphics, audio and video even short-term storage can be a major headache for IT Departments. .

Cryoserver keeps a secure copy of every message received by the MailServer within its own separate server and protects that with a tamper-evident audit trail. Once stored super-fast, user-friendly search capabilities provide easy access to every archived email (and attachment) sent or received by the individual end user.

By integrating Cryoserver into your retention policy you gain a safe environment to delete legacy files from the MailServer, saving time and effort for routine maintenance.

  1. Compliance with Data Legislation

Staying in line with the many legal and regulatory mandates which control retention, security and access to data or communications across Europe can be very tricky. Cryoserver enables data protection professionals to protect, control and audit access. As well as keeping you compliant Cryoserver will shrink the time and costs of processing statutory investigation.

Cryoserver assists compliance with all current data legislation. We do this using real time capture and storage of every message received by the mail server on a separate server, protected by a tamper-evident audit trail. This process meets both retention and privacy requirements.

Cryoserver’s super-fast, intuitive search screens can achieve short statutory eDiscovery periods like those of the FCA (24 hours) and the SEC (36 hours).

Cryoserver’s secure, centralised storage, remote from the mail server puts you in charge of your data. It eliminates all risk associated with local PST files (famously non-compliant) and allows the definition of a corporate retention policy. In short, you’ll be able to produce any email records sent or received during the period of your choice, lightning fast.

Everyone responsible for using data has to adhere to “data protection principles”, ensuring that it is used fairly, accurately and lawfully; kept safely and securely and not retained for longer than is absolutely necessary. Cryoserver fits the bill perfectly, not only providing tamper-free evidence but auditing those who use its software to perform searches and keeping everyone happy.