Cryoserver provides benefits for staff across multiple departments in your organisation. It can add value to your company, save time, increase efficiency and satisfy the powers that be when it comes to compliance both internal and external.

Benefits for IT

Reduction of the mail server storage space

Cryoserver keeps only one copy of each email. So in instances where emails are sent to multiple recipients mail server storage will be significantly more than required within Cryoserver. For this reason along with compression of files we expect typical storage savings of 50% but have known compression of as much as 75% in some instances.

Reduced requests from end users

It can be a constant source of headache for the IT department when users require help with tasks that should be simple. The ease of use to the end user means that the IT department can expect less questions and queries when it comes to email related issues.

The search feature within Cryoserver follows the same logic as traditional internet search engines, and therefore requires no training. End users will quickly be capable of recovering any and all messages within Cryoserver’s email archive.

No need for involvement in HR investigations

As with the end users human resources will also be able to use the software without any involvement from IT staff. Individual users can have their privileges altered dependent on what they will require from the software. By allowing HR to audit other people’s emails they can simply enter the email archive themselves and find the information they require based on a search in whatever field they deem appropriate.

Improve IT security

Cryoserver encrypts files to an extremely high level. Many competitor products can’t boast the same level of encryption that protects any sensitive information which your organisation wants to keep hidden. Cryoserver uses AES-128 to encrypt its machines. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have estimated the time to crack a 128-bit key (assuming a machine could crack a DES key in 1 second): is 149 trillion years.

Benefits for HR

Categorically prove communications did or did not exist

As the heading suggests Cryoserver is a forensic system, and for that reason it can be trusted totally. Using Cryoserver’s intuitive search system from within Outlook you can quickly view all emails ever sent from a company email, relating to a certain subject or containing specific words; and return results within in seconds.

No longer need to wait for help with email investigations

Email investigations can be a pain. Without the help of IT tracking emails seems like an impossible task. Cryoserver allows HR staff to easily search through the emails of individuals, relating to subjects or within a certain time frame. The search facility is extremely simple and easy to use, so no training is required and what’s more any higher level searches will be audited so as to avoid suspicion on the part of staff.

Audit trail makes searches fair and helps end misconceptions about snooping

Staff don’t have to feel like they’re being spied on with Cryoserver, any high level search is safely audited and includes a “reason for search” field which must be populated in order to conduct your query. This means that Cryoserver puts an end to any animosity on the part of the people who may become involved in email investigations.

Benefits for the every day user

Simplicity of the functions

Cryoserver prides itself on making managing a safe email archive simple for everyday users. With our software your everyday users can feel safe that email archiving is an easy thing to do. Cryoserver exists within Outlook or comparable email tools, allowing users the familiarity of the application they’re used to as well as the functionality of a powerful email archiving tool. With the latest update Cryoserver can also completely mirror an email folder structure, making it so easy to use Cryoserver that we genuinely believe users could use it rather than a traditional mailbox.

Never lose another email

Everyday email users don’t have to worry about backups anymore. Cryoserver captures communications in real time as they leave or enter your mailbox, which means if an email was sent you can be sure it was saved.

Mobile friendly

Cryoserver is even available in the form of a mobile app, allowing access to years worth of email on the go. Accessing an email archive isn’t easier anywhere else.

Benefits for the company 

Be more compliant. Much more compliant

Cryoserver complies with the Data Protection Act seamlessly. Various retention needs mean that companies are at risk of breaching certain legislations if information is deleted too quickly. Cryoserver’s compressed storage makes it simple and easy to keep all emails for as long as required by law, policy or convenience.

Improve company efficiency

Trawling through emails in order to find previous communications is time consuming and unproductive. Cryoserver allows your employees to quickly locate emails that could otherwise be misfiled or even deleted, saving precious minutes.

Cryoserver benefits the whole business…

Cryoserver isn’t just dusty software for purchase as a remedy to a problem. In fact many of our customers find that once they’re purchased the product they use it for a multitude of new reasons due to convenience. The support is well regarded as quick and effective and all UK based.

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