Departmental Benefits

Using Cryoserver & Email Archiving…

Cryoserver is an extremely useful business tool which has benefits across multiple sectors within an organisation. Cryoserver is more than a redundant archive but is an active email management and storage solution.

Whichever department you are in there are numerous benefits which Cryoserver can bring:



IT Department

Eliminate the need for PST files
Reduce time it takes to back up Exchange  server
Allow your Exchange server to run more efficiently



Employee Benefits

Allow users to find any email they have sent or received in a second or two
Allow easy sharing of information across a workforce
Helps improve employee efficiency



HR Department

Monitors for misuse of corporate email
Increases employee privacy
Easy to manage HR investigations



Data Protection and Compliance Officer

Helps an organisation comply with all current regulations
Auditing of access to emails helps comply with Data Protection rules
Easy to set retention periods



Legal Department

Helps with contract management
Assists with client disputes
Allows access to external auditors



Finance and Accounts Department

Protection against expensive litigation
Easy to demonstrate and immediate ROI
Easy access for external auditors