MS Office 365 and Cryoserver

Office 365 has steadily become more and more popular amongst our customers since it was launched.  We’ve seen it spread across all sorts of industries, and it hasn’t been surprising to see it happen, either.

Our customers have had great success pairing Cryoserver with Office 365 so they can get the most out of both email archiving and a cloud-based Exchange as a solution for their business.

We’ve seen people use Cryoserver for the migration to Office 365 from their existing solution; Cryoserver helps to speed up the move and secure their email before they switch over. More commonly, Cryoserver email archiving is taken up by Office 365 users to supplement the O365 service and really create a more powerful email solution for their business.

Adopting Office 365 can pose a number of questions to your business, Cryoserver has been able to answer all of those for our customers and bring a more efficient way to work alongside that.

Why archive something if you can’t find it?

We’ve seen a range of different email archiving solutions and temporary fixes over the years. The mistake most organisations make is focusing all of their efforts on the storage of emails within an archive. Whilst this is a high priority, the process of archiving goes one step further.

We’ve focused our attention both on secure storage, but also an easy and convenient search system that allows users to quickly take advantage of the Cryoserver archive.

Office 365 offers huge benefits in terms of near-infinite storage and great cloud-based email, but the search interface leaves much to be desired. If your organisation is saving all of its email, volume will quickly stack up. Without Cryoserver it is near impossible to navigate that stock pile of email and find the information you need.

What will you do with your existing emails?

From day one on Office 365 your users will still need access to their old email. Making this available means either importing data to the cloud, or running two email systems in parallel.

Cryoserver gives you a better way to preserve all your emails and make them available to all users, still within Outlook. Cryoserver provides a simple and effective way to manage your move to the cloud, without disrupting email access for your users.

How will you manage people who leave your organisation?

We know that people coming and going from businesses can be a problem. We’re here to solve problems, not make a quick buck, so we license our product per live user. Employees who are no longer with your business don’t pose any problem at all, and cost you nothing.

Cryoserver will keep a copy of every email sent or received by your staff, and makes access to that email simple.

As users leave you can delegate access to their emails to other members of staff, and by using our expertly simple search interface you’ll have no difficulties tracking down emails you need.

What happens if you leave Office 365?

As email technology continues to grow and improve, our customers see more and more choice when it comes to providers, from Gmail to Office 365 and back around to Lotus Notes. We know that it’s important for you to keep that flexibility, and the option to move.

Switching provider brings a lot of work for the IT department; it can be time-consuming as well as complicated and (typically) expensive too. Those reasons alone can be enough to put you off switching provider, even if it’s the right thing for your business in the long term.

For that reason we’ve helped a number of our customers by keeping their email in our central secure store, where they know it’s safe, no matter whether they choose to move away from Office 365 or not.