• Returning your investment

    Cryoserver is a product that realises its potential quickly when it comes to money spent. Within a short time after implementation your investment will start to make real financial sense. Although our customers may purchase Cryoserver for a singular reason, the benefits are typically realised in a number of ways, from storage costs to employee efficiency and more.

    Cryoserver can save your company money year on year, and as your email use increases so will your savings, a factor that can mean significant reductions on spend in the information age.

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    Why Use Cryoserver?
  • Solutions to common mail problems

    For our customers who have to regularly find emails from weeks, months, and even years ago, the typical mail client search tool often doesn’t cut it. We’ve seen frustrated end users, managers and even FDs who have to waste costly minutes locating files or messages they know were sent, but are having a hard time seeing in their folder structure. Even worse, we’ve seen users drag and drop emails into the wrong folders, making them impossible to find without a trawl of every message on their system. As these types of issues are overcome our customers also see a drop off in requests to the help desk to find deleted email.

    Cryoserver’s powerful search requires mere moments to find any email based on easy factors like from, to, times it could have been sent, or even attachment keywords. If you know what you’re looking for – you will find it. And by the way, whilst your users get used to our way of working, we can replicate their entire folder structure in our archive too.

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    Why Use Cryoserver?
  • Departmental benefits

    Cryoserver is a solution that can generate enormous benefits across a company. Cryoserver often begins with the IT department, but we’ve seen real success in its implementation across multiple departments.

    Some of our strongest support has been offered to compliance and legal teams within an organisation, but we’ve also had great examples within the HR department and even with union representatives.

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    Why Use Cryoserver?
  • In support of Office 365

    Office 365 is a fantastic mail service, but there are areas that can be dramatically improved upon with the proper additions to your system. Cryoserver has been used on many different occasions as a supplement to Office 365, whether that’s in the form of a migration support or a powerful search and retrieval aid.

    Organisations are continuing to move to the cloud, and as such Microsoft has seen a great many of its users take up the Office 365 solution for its sending and receiving of mail. A Cryoserver cloud archive will allow your business to make O365 into a much more powerful solution.

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    Why Use Cryoserver?
  • How long should I keep my emails for?

    It’s a question we’re asked regularly, and one which can often be difficult to answer. Follow the link to this page to learn more about some of the factors that will affect your organisation as it sets retention policies and becomes accountable for its past communications.

    Many of our customers have a story to tell about investigations or requests where Cryoserver has been able to save them a significant amount of money, those instances only come about with proper retention set in place.

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    Why Use Cryoserver?