Email Archiving Solutions

Cryoserver Business Email Storage Solutions

Cryoserver developed its email archiving technology in response to legislation which required Internet Service Providers to store emails for an extended period of time.

The result was a carrier-grade email archiving solution which is designed for long-term forensic email archiving and handling large volumes of emails.

Cryoserver can be deployed as a pre-built appliance, as archiving software only (hosted on dedicated hardware or a virtualised server), or as a managed server cloud email solution.

What to look for in an email archive system…

When an organisation considers selecting an email archiving solution they should ask some key questions:

  • Will the solution scale?
  • For how long do I need to retain my email data?
  • How secure is the email on the email archive? How do I know it hasn’t been tampered with?
  • How easy is it to install the solution? How long does the installation take and what maintenance operations and overheads are involved?
  • Will the performance of the solution degrade as the data volume increases?
  • Are the email archive and compliance solutions easy to use and transparent for end users?
  • How can I be sure the email archive isn’t being searched inappropriately?
  • Can I automatically replicate emails on the email archive to another archive server to allow for disaster recovery and business continuity?
  • Can I use the email archiving and email compliance product to reduce the load (and increase capacity) on my Exchange email server?
  • Does the email archiving solution support all email servers technology?
  • Can the email archiving product be used as a migration tool among different email servers?
  • Can I use a variety of search techniques including proximity (words near other words) and “sounds like” to allow effective, fast, and accurate email retrieval?
  • Can I export emails from the email archive back to individual users’ mailboxes?

Is Cryoserver compliant with the above?

Yes, absolutely. The Cryoserver archive provides a scalable, transparent, highly functional, and secure solution that addresses all of the issues presented above.

By building in compliance, the Cryoserver archive provides a robust, integrated, and scalable solution which helps meet the email archiving needs of any organisation.

Not only is the solution ideally suited to any size organization which requires a secure repository for its archived email, it also provides an easy-to-use, intuitive search interface which allows end users to access (within seconds) any email they have ever sent or received.

Cryoserver captures and stores all emails sent to, from, and within an organisation to ensure that a full record of an organisation’s email is securely stored – without worrying that parts of the email history will be accidentally deleted.

Cryoserver appliances can be installed in minutes. In fact, the record is 14 minutes!

3 Delivery Systems, Same User Experience…

The Cryoserver solution can be delivered in three different ways: as an appliance, software, or managed service ‘in the cloud.’ With each delivery method, the solution remains the same and the user search experience is not affected.

General Overview…

Take a look and download our product overview below (in PDF).

General Data Sheet