Cloud Email Archiving

Managed Service For Email Storage on the ‘Cloud’

The Cryoserver managed service, cloud email solution, delivers the functionality and benefits of an in-house Cryoserver without the need for on-site equipment and reduced upfront costs.

Available on a ‘pay-as you go’ basis, the Cryoserver™ cloud-based email archiving service retains an audit copy of your email data that is hosted in a secure off-site location. The Cryoserver repository is updated ‘live’ as email is sent to, from, and within your organization.

The managed service can be added and made fully operational within hours, with little or no impact to existing operating procedures.

Reasons to implement Cryoserver™ cloud email solutions…

  • No management of hardware in-house
  • Pay-as-you-go financing model
  • Lower upfront implementation costs
  • Deployment in minutes

What You Can Expect From Using Cryoserver’s Services

Just as with the Cryoserver in-house appliances or email archiving software, users of the Cryoserver managed service benefit from:

  • Fast access to critical information in response to disputes and compliance requests
  • Saving time and money by eliminating dependence on searching back-up tapes
  • Best practice in the Workplace are encouraged by employee awareness of Cryoserver’s deployment
  • High standards of data privacy and protection brought about via:
    1. strict auditing of searches to ensure that investigators remain within the confines of the investigation, and;
    2. limiting search activity to investigators without the need to involve technical specialists or others.