Cryoserver Email Archiving Software

Cryoserver’s best-selling email archiving software is ideal for organisations with an existing server, whether on-premise hardware or in your data centre.

It’s popular for installation on a virtualised server configuration, as part of a suite of centrally managed utilities.

Flexible and scalable, Cryoserver software is a license product that’s quick to install and easily upgradable in line with changes in your organisational structure. Add a new user with just a few keystrokes and all the benefits of Cryoserver are instantly available to them.

Cryoserver software is a competitive solution with a lower cost of implementation than hardware. Cryoserver software represents excellent value to businesses with compliance requirements to maintain control of their data.


Cryoserver software is our most flexible email archiving solution. Licensed on a per-live-user basis, it takes full advantage of the benefits of virtualisation, adapting its processing power on the fly to maintain throughput during periods of intensive activity.

Cryoserver software has no limit on storage capacity (unlike other email archiving solutions). It will expand to accommodate the increasing volume and complexity of email messages and attachments received by the mail server as your business grows.

Cryoserver software is our quickest on-premise install, a process managed virtually with no requirement for engineering support onsite – place your order and your new email archiving system can be operational within hours.

Cryoserver software is usually sold with a support contract, to guarantee prompt response from the Cryoserver support team and ensure regular updates and patches.

Cryoserver software can also be part of combined on-premise/cloud solution, depending on your communications infrastructure.

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