Bespoke email archiving software to suit you

Every Cryoserver email archiving software installation is a carefully considered process. Once installed a tailored email archiving solution is produced specific to your organisation. We can build bespoke archiving software to suit your business and, despite a varying delivery method, the solution itself will remain identical.

Through methods, including deduplication and compression, your business could see reductions in email storage requirements of up to 80%.

Our email archiving software offers the same return of search you would find with an appliance or cloud based solution, meaning there is no difference in performance, irrespective of the platform.

Whether your issue is predominantly productivity, user error or a crisis-driven purchase, our archiving solution has been successful across various circumstances. Our intuitive search filters allow you to locate emails, sent years ago, in seconds.

When is email archiving software the right format?

Email archiving software is the best solution for customers with a heavy investment in their own, on premise hardware. The adaptable nature of Cryoserver’s software makes it ideal for virtualised servers.

We’re seeing more of our customers deploying Cryoserver virtual machines, and expect our archiving software to continue to grow in popularity. If your business is likely to move in this direction, the software solution is probably more suitable than another delivery method.

Our software is quick and easy to install; we’re proud to have successfully installed hundreds and there will be no on premise attendance necessary to set your organisation up.

If budgets are tight, software is a great way to keep costs down whilst maintaining the same exceptional search return and storage benefits you would with any other Cryoserver platform.

As your organisation evolves and changes, your archiving software will provide the support and flexibility you need to continue managing your emails.

What can Cryoserver email archiving software do?

Much of the success of our product lies in our fantastic email archive, supported by our friendly and proactive technical team.

Cryoserver email archiving software stores emails in date files, as opposed to the traditional data base style storage used by many of our competitors. By storing in date files, it’s possible for us to operate an extremely quick search return.

Our software also makes huge storage savings for your mail server, relieving the burden and reducing the need for large payments on premium storage.

How do our appliance and cloud offerings differ to software?

Our customers love to use Cryoserver in both its software and appliance forms. We’ve also seen large scale movement towards the cloud, as businesses move towards SaaS, rather than traditional on premise IT.

Although our solutions don’t differ in functionality, we find most of our customers are more suited to a particular delivery method. We’re flexible in our approach, providing an on-site dedicated appliance for security-conscious users, or for those looking to operate solely in the cloud, we’re happy to accommodate.

Email our archiving specialists at for more information on the delivery method best suited to you.

How many of our clients are using email archiving software?

Over a third of our customers opt for the email archiving software.

Businesses of all sizes use the Cryoserver software to positive effect and, with the help of our expert technical team, your business could unlock the potential too.