To extend the functionality of Cryoserver email archiving solutions, we have a range of additional module utilities that boost productivity for everyone across the entire organisation.

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Cryoserver Mirror environment

95% of Cryoserver customers choose to have a mirror environment working in parallel with their Cryoserver system. This mirror environment provides a real-time copy of your Cryoserver archive which will mimic your main system flawlessly.

Cryoserver typically receives a journal feed from the mail server. As these emails arrive at the primary Cryoserver environment an encrypted copy is passed to the mirror unit and processed in real-time on both servers independently of one another.  This replication is undertaken by the Cryoserver application and no third parties tool are required.

The mirror can be implemented at the same time as the implementation of the primary Cryoserver or the mirror can be added at a later date.

When your organisation takes into account the costs of tapes & storage; time spent on backup; cost/time retrieving the tapes; & restoration time and professional services; it all turns much cheaper to just have a Mirrored Cryoserver.

Cryoserver mirror environments are available in software, appliance or cloud format. They can also be provided in a hybrid form of the three.

Cryoserver Mobile APP

Cryoserver Mobile APP extends Cryoserver functionality to your smartphone/tablet. Cryoserver’s familiar, intuitive search interface enables you to interrogate every message sent or received in your mailbox and gives you the results in seconds.

Cryoserver Mobile APP limits the risk to your archive from your mobile, as emails are viewed not downloaded. So should the unthinkable happen and your smartphone/tablet is lost or stolen, access to your archive is impossible.

Cryoserver Mobile APP is especially useful for organisations with a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy, field-based employees, project work and teams.

Cryoserver Mobile APP is iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry compatible.

Cryoserver Stubbing

The exponential increase of emails has led to a number of technology related challenges mainly around the cost of storage and managing backups. Rich experience content – hi-res graphics, video and audio files – occupy a large amount of storage within users’ mailboxes and on the mail server.

As legacy files in your mailbox, they can quickly fill up the mail server making it slow and less efficient. Cryoserver Stubbing can offset the load on your mail server drastically, by allowing you to put policies in place which will dramatically reduce Exchange’s workload and storage. The policies can be based on a number of factors, like age of the email, who it was sent by or the size of email.

Stubbing is a Cryoserver add-on technology which removes attachments from your inbox and replaces them with hyperlinks pointing at Cryoserver. The attachments will still exist in the form they were originally sent, however the storage requirements will be greatly reduced from your mail server.

Stubbing is especially useful in organisations which require technical drawings or any media to be emailed around the business. Stubbing has allowed some organisations to reduce their mail server storage requirements by as much as 80%.

If you have a policy that allows maximum attachment size of <25MB, you can substitute that attachment for a 1KB link. That’s 25000x less storage required on your mail server.

Cryoserver Import Utilities

Importing your legacy data into Cryoserver in order to take advantage of its super-fast and audit-able search facilities is a no-brainer. Cryoserver will reduce your reliance on PST or equivalent files by collecting data live from the mail server as well as from legacy files.

The default Microsoft email archiving format, PST files are often created unintentionally by end users struggling to increase the size of their mailbox to accommodate new messages and attachments.

Cryoserver also allows you to import any legacy emails from existing Mailboxes / PST’s and/or .EML files.


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