Bespoke email archiving appliances to suit you

A Cryoserver email archiving appliance is the ideal solution for regulated organisations and other sectors required to keep their data in-house.

These solutions are also popular with businesses with limited tech support capability, as both hardware and software are maintained by Cryoserver and covered with a support contract.

When is an email archiving appliance the right format?

Many of our customers find an email archiving appliance a more cost-effective solution than installing software onto their own machines, especially if storage their end is tight.

For customers with forensic security requirements, an appliance is a great way to guarantee data remains accessible and in their own hands at all times. A store maintained in a dedicated appliance on premise will provide freedom from internet outages that might affect the business otherwise.

If your own compliance rules are changing and it’s important to adhere to something a little stricter, an email archiving appliance can be the best way to do so. IT departments tend to have multiple concerns when it comes to compliance and an appliance is a fast way to ensure you’re ticking all those compliance boxes.

What can Cryoserver do?

Although the solution remains the same high-quality archive no matter the delivery method, the subtle differences can make your Cryoserver solution fit neatly into your chosen IT infrastructure.

No matter how it’s delivered, you’ll still find your archive:

  • Rapidly searches hundreds, thousands, even millions, of emails.
  • Stores emails in a conservative, secure way to reduce pressure on the mail server.
  • Mathematically proves the email returned is the email sent.

One of our customers’ favourite Cryoserver characteristics is its multi-platform availability. Rather than search for the right format to fit your business, you’re able to search for the right product, and know it can match your platform needs.

Many of our customers found it useful to move between various Cryoserver platforms throughout their changing and evolving IT infrastructure.

Email archiving appliances to choose from

We offer a range of email archiving appliances that can be made almost completely bespoke to you. Each machine maintains multiple spare storage bays, so as your business grows and changes, you can expand your appliance, not your budget.

Some of our users choose an appliance for the simple fees attached to the machines. Unlike software and cloud, an appliance allows you to pick a set ‘box’ for your business, keeping costs flat.

The number in the name of the appliance corresponds to the number of users we recommend for each box.

Email Archiving Appliance Table


How do our software and cloud offerings differ to an appliance?

There is no functionality difference between Cryoserver in any of its delivery methods.

Each method can be more useful than another, depending on the situation, and our experts will help pick the right solution for you; or build a completely bespoke appliance.

Cloud based technology has been popular for a while, with a shift towards SaaS over physical kit on-site. Those with an investment in their own machines may already wish to purchase Cryoserver software. By installing the solution within their own virtual environment, consolidation projects become simple.

In addition, Cryoserver charge per live user, rather than per historical user, which means costs remain consistent for your business.

If you’re undecided or think another solution could be more appropriate to your IT needs, take a look at our range of Cryoserver solutions or get in touch with one of our email archiving experts by emailing

Which of our clients are using email archiving Appliances?

The Cryoserver email archiving appliance is popular with customers looking for a plug-and-play approach.

The more processes your organisation has in place to maintain and secure its server facilities, the more likely you are to guarantee the security of your own Cryoserver appliance.

Our customers tend to place equal value on each of the solutions, so it’s all about matching your needs to your email archiving appliance.

Contact one of our experts now to find out more.