CryoSPE – Cryoserver Multi-Tenant for Partners

Reseller Business Email Solutions – Own Your Own Email Archiving Service

Cryoserver Service Provider Edition (CryoSPE) enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs), SaaS providers and hosting companies to enter the email archiving marketplace with an additional revenue generating service – their own archiving service. 

cryoserver spe reseller archiving service

Cryoserver was initially developed to help Internet Service Providers store all emails which passed through their infrastructure. This lead to a robust multi-tenant architecture which was designed and built to store many millions of mails per week, this architecture still stands today and creates a great opportunity to offer some of Cryoserver’s features to a service provider’s customer base.

Welcoming Partners…

CryoSPE is a multi-tenanted Cryoserver email archival solution which enables these organisations to be able to deliver their own branded archiving solution to the marketplace. We welcome partners to re-brand and white label the Cryoserver solution to offer the technology to their customers in whichever sector they offer their services.

The solution is delivered as an appliance or as software to sit on dedicated hardware or on a virtualised environment. Cryoserver can then be delivered in an easy to use and easy to administer multi-tenant version.

Benefits of Signing Up as a Partner…

Organisations that are currently providing cloud based services such as Anti-Virus (AV), Anti-Spam (AS), Content filtering (CF) and or Hosted Exchange companies would benefit from the CryoSPE for a host of reasons. These include:

  • Value Add Service
  • White label – present the solution as your own
  • Increase revenues
  • Longer term contracts (3 – 10 years+)
  • Improve customer retention
  • Complimentary to the existing portfolio
  • Email archiving and/or forensic email archiving
  • Carrier grade and reliable
  • Mail server independent

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