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LONDON – Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we write or say something we wish we could take back. While in most cases the happenstance can be swept under the rug and forgotten, if it goes viral, there is no turning back.

In one instance, an employee wrote a resignation email and sent it to the entire workforce. While sending the email to staff members is not unheard of, the problem with this email was that it contained allegations about senior management. The email was then forwarded out of the business environment and put onto social media.

“This email went viral quickly,” said Robin Bingeman of the email archiving software Cryoserver. “The problem here is that they don’t know who to point the finger of blame at because they don’t know who forwarded the email that caused it to become a trending hashtag on Twitter.”

Had the company put an email archiving solution in place, the employee might have thought twice before forwarding the email outside of the company, said Bingeman. With a product like Cryoserver, they could determine who forwarded the email, which caused it to go viral.

“Cryoserver may not have been able to prevent the email from being forwarded, but it could have been used to determine who forwarded it, which would help management find the culprit,” said Bingeman.

Employees abuse emails more frequently than companies realize, said Bingeman. If companies don’t take the time to implement a solution that holds their employees accountable, their employees can do things like this. It not only affects their work environment, but also their reputation, which is hard to change once it’s been tainted.

Cryoserver email archiving solutions stores everything in real time and puts all emails sent to, from and around an organisation in a tamper-evident repository. Once in the repository, the emails cannot be altered or deleted. Archived emails can stand alone when submitted as evidence in a court of law and even protect a company during the e-Discovery process.

“Communication reflects professionalism and email is one of the most widely used forms of communication in the workplace,” said Bingeman, of the archiving software package manufacturer. “While you may not be interested in seeing every email sent by employees, when one negatively impacts your business it’s helpful to know who sent it and how far it was forwarded.”

Ex employees- especially those who are disgruntled- can damage your reputation. It’s important to educate your employees on proper email etiquette, which is more than having a good signature or an appropriate greeting and subject line. You need to protect your email and your company, as lack of training can spell disaster.

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