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LONDON – Forensic & Compliance Systems, Ltd., the developers of Cryoserver, an email archiving appliance, has made updates to its Version 6, which released last year and is launching Version 6.2.4.

“We’ve taken our Version 6 to a new level with greater control for users and enhanced search functions,” said Robin Bingeman of the archiving solutions. “We’ve added more search interface, shortcuts to favorite searches, a history of searches, bulk mail restore features and much more.”

The email compliance product works to store, in real time, all emails that are sent to, from and within an organisation and places them in a secure, tamper-evident repository. The archiving solution is suitable for legal and regulatory compliance and for providing email data in court with evidential weight.

Highlights of the new functionality include:

Business Continuity Model
This is an always-on option that protects your organisation in the event that the Exchange server or mail server goes down. There will be no disruption of service. Cryoserver provides customers with a backup mail server to ensure emails are still archived, users are able to send, reply and forward emails from the Cryoserver interface and access to all documents is seamless.

Exclusion email addresses
This prevents privileged users from seeing certain mailboxes such as the CEO, CFO or other executives.

Attachment sorting
Users are able to fine tune their search based on whether an email has attachments and if so, how many. For instance, if the user is looking for a specific email with an attachment, they can filter out the emails that do not have attachments and make the results more manageable. The same applies to emails that are over a certain size; they can filter out the small or large ones, so they can locate their desired email quickly.

Search history and replay
This is similar to the Web history stored on an Internet browser. With the search history, users can see all their previous search histories in one list.

Combined search
This feature is great for the eDiscovery process as users will be able to identify common emails in an investigation. This means that if the users want the results to overlap from two separate searches, they can see the emails that are common in both searches.

Outlook integration enhancements
Users can save time searching with one click straight from Outlook, as this version allows users access to their favorite search items.

Single sign on
This function saves users from having to type in their password each time they log in to the system.

Users can create a shortcut to their saved searches and place the link on their desktop, in a folder or wherever they find it most convenient for them.

Multi-tenant enhancements
Single sign on for users who access the system via the cloud.

Bulk restore
Users can restore multiple items through a single click making it easier to rebuild a mailbox.

“We feel our clients will find the updates complement the existing system nicely, as we have worked to make their lives easier with these new functions,” the email archive data professional said.

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