Cryoserver Email Archiving Appliance

Bespoke Dedicated Appliances for Email Archiving

Cryoserver offers a series of pre-built, dedicated email archiving appliances in a range of sizes, starting at ~400GB of useable storage. Our appliances are bespoke builds that are specifically created for the Cryoserver solution, with the flexibility to add additional storage as required.

An Email Archiving Appliance

Reasons to implement a Cryoserver™ email archiving appliance:

  • ‘Plug and Play’ – means installations can be done in a matter of minutes
  • Software and hardware support both covered by Cryoserver
  • Spare bays to easily add storage
  • Built-in redundancy into the appliance range
  • Speed and service do not degrade as the archive increases

Users of the Cryoserver™ solution benefit from:

  • Fast access to critical information in case of disputes or compliance requests
  • Cost and time savings by eliminating dependence on resurrecting and searching back-up tapes
  • Workplace best practices using email are encouraged by awareness of Cryoserver’s deployment
  • High standards of data privacy and protection brought about via: a) strict auditing of searches to ensure that investigators remain within the confines of the investigation, and b) limiting the investigation to investigators, without needing to involve technical specialists or others.

Please see the data sheets for specifications on our email archiving appliance range:

archive appliance data sheet